I need help. Looking for a good wizard build to pass floor 500. (3.0)

My aftermath set is only viable at floors 1-500 but after 500 my wizard gets one shot even with 73k hp HALP PLSSS im stuuck

Try using bloodmagic

My lazy random build this is my build like its not that strong but it can only die when like facing enemies with thorn

One more thing put brutal on the chest piece. The reason why dont have it is because im missing a mythstone called master I think

Blood Magic will give you more HP, but when you get to even higher floors, you will still get one shot. better to go with Dodge + Block, and maybe add Sanctuary Mythic. I was dying a lot until I got smart and went to 60% Dodge. at higher floors, I felt like I was dying a little to much, so I added 45% Block, so as long as I pay attention and kill monsters fast enough, I don’t die maybe more than 1-3 times every 5 maps? on floors 100-200, I might go 20 maps before I die once, but pack size maps are a little harder, since some mobs with ranged attack might have more attacks than I can Dodge/Block at one time. My Farm Hireling has Sanctuary and Dodge 30% (almost) and dies about 0-3 times a map, depending on Challenge Map affixes.

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