I need help with builds

Hello everyone. I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now. I was wondering what are the best build for each class because I was looking at all the builds but I just can’t decide and wanted your info on the most used one for each class. Thanks.

well, if you’ve only played for 3 days it would be best to make a farming set first to make sure you can farm for more gold crystal and better gears

It honestly depends on your playstyle, bro.
I for one, like crowd control… which increases my survivability and still dishes out loads of damage… hence, I like ice and shock builds.

Look in here DQ Builds Compendium [2.1] great builds :slight_smile: some are quite expensive to build and since you played for 3 days!? Well atleast I maybe Makes you more motivated to work for :slight_smile:
Mysl f atm is using blinkstrike+disordence to clear maps fast for farming, 1-3 min floor 200 with Packsize+magic Monsters :slight_smile:
Great thing with this game there are endless with combined builds :slight_smile: