I need help

Can some one show me or teach me how to make a good 100% glasscannon equipment? Please?

Use 100% glass cannon but of course you will end up having 1 HP. Yes you can still play DQ well with 1 HP but one shot and your out, though sanctuary mythic does remedy this once every 30 seconds since you get to revive. basically 100% DMG.

For general high damage, use a high bwd weapon or a high attack speed one or both. Whatever suits your play style basically. Then add 200% WD legend affix if you can and 300% ED or so. After that, use high crit DMG like up to 350% cap, deadly strikes potentially, barbarian if you have enough mana, a resource mythic like Energy, Discordance, fury or others that fit your build.

Do also add either 100% weaken or ignore resist. Though 100% weaken does bypass the enemy resists and immunes while also dealing up to 2x DMG with the elements you are using.

Then using sets to take your elements to your advantage. Combos like Plagued + Druidic, Frozen + permafrost, ascendant + arcanist and others. Crushing blow + crushing flames. Using 100% frostbiting for ice builds is great example of really making damage go high when elemental critting.

Crushing Blow you can add if you climb higher floors than your damage will do, to reduce enemy HP and be able to defeat them easier.

Then extra features such as procs , mythic procs like cosmicorb, boosting mythics like Draught to increase move speed and attack speed by 50% to go well with Momentum set and more.

If you don’t mind, show me your build as well so I can suggest tips or suggestions for your build to consider.

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I dont know if i should switch to this ring

or stick to my old ring the reason why im having such a hard time choosing is because my old ring did really good when im using this build at pvp I climbed from epic to eternal league in like a day

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Well if this is pvp build and you want to improve and reach eternal league for pvp and as high league possible, try:

Add 5000 ED on every gear or as many as you can. remove the % ED and WD as they are not much in pvp or don’t multiply the base dmg much to be multipled into good total dmg. Remove blight as poison cloud for pvp is not going to happen much and 24% dmg even with high voltage. Though flawless victory does make that elemental crit 10% less chance so less chances of activating.
Of course add 2x 2+ all sets, remove crushing blow since it can sometimes make it harder to defeat opponents, change element to say ice or shock depending on what you want.

Remove nadroji, sadism and stuff. What is your build aim for pvp? You can add a resource mythic like discordance or energy to increase twisters dmg, glasscannon affix, push the limit, potentially barbarian. Alchemy are other options for damage reduction/immortal type builds. Fury for primary skill spam if main attacks are primary. I see you use equivalence which is good if your HP and MP is equal for that 60% dmg reduction but it must stay full to stay effective.
Sureshot you can keep for guaranteed high deadly strikes though but other chest mythics to try like Exposed for pierced dmg +50% dmg or ruptured for bleed dmg +50% when using bleed dot are good choices.

Sets to try: Plagued for damage reduction because of high AR, keep druidic for bonus. Epiphany you could use to increase caps like glasscannon but most cases no need. Although 28% attack speed with epiphany bonus is powerful as its 28% dmg in pvp. Satyrs spirit with gold find for AR dmg reduction build with more MP or fauns gift to increase HP and resist dmg reductions.
Battlemage is optional but if you don’t mind charge and whirlwind, you can use that set to increase AR and HP also. Permafrost set to use with bonus for MP regen and some MP absorb which can reduce dmg a bit.

Crystal affixes: remove HP and MP regen as druidic bonus gives sufficient regen, keep crystal HP% for more HP. Gold find for satyrs spirit or Luck with Fauns gift. If you do use crits/ deadly strikes, crit dmg is something to try also.

Keep legend intelligence/strength as it gives quite an okay amount of HP with Armour or MP with resists. Torrent proc, use cerebral vortex set for procing torrents when hit and increased MP + all resists.

As for skills, use skullshield for damage reduction and decent dmg + hit frequency. Anyway keep experimenting to see what works best for you and see other PvP build examples as a way to improve your own. I think you can reach quite far.


thank you so much for the help as of now im using momento ant the other ring for pvp ang i use the other build for farming ive modified the the gauntlet i found with plague with fortune and luck. O will try to modify my pvp build with the things you’ve said. Again thank you

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Awesome :smile: . Glad I helped.