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Mum questions about the wizard, what should I do to easily deal with level 40, on what difficulty levels to play, because I can cope with mystic, but on the other hand I do everything faster on weaker ones. How to build stones, what exactly to do on what I am new, best if someone was from Poland and contacted each other, thank you in advance

@Hamela welcome to DQ!

read the Codex Dictionary > Affixes, Sets, Myth Stones. if you know what the affixes do, and what affixes are available, you will have a better understanding of what to do.

HP & MP are important in early game, but as you learn how to kill the monsters fast, they are less important, especially on higher level Items on higher floors 300+. eventually, you only need Dodge and/or Block and Sanctuary for survival, which means more space for causing damage.

since you need less HP, you can put points into Power. Wizard has some Talents that can cause lots of damage based on how high your All Resist is, so you can choose between Power or Mana Stat, or half & half.

Epic +100% Weapon damage, or find a weapon with Legend +200% Weapon Damage. one or two Items with +100% Elemental Damage (Fire, Ice, Poison, Shock, or Arcane, based on what element you are using).

Weaken, also known as Elemental Weaken, should be +60% to +120%. this takes up space, but is worth it for the extra damage. and you can still damage enemies that are Immune to the Element of your weapon. you can find a few Items with Ignore Resist (you only need one on your total Equipment) but remember that Weaken doesn’t work with Ignore Resist.

for the difficulty levels, Very Easy is of course… very easy. from Easy to Mythic 3 difficulty, you get a bonus to Luck & Gold Find %'s and Experience, but monsters get a Health & Damage boost also. just use the difficulty level that is easiest for you to play, and as you learn how to make better Equipment, you can go to higher difficulty levels. this is what I did.

another thing I did was Search :mag: the Forums for information. I learned a lot.


Thank you good day

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Sorry to ask another question, but if I have 2 characters for rogue and wizard, wizard to 78 and rogue to 27, play two characters on floor e or one?

Playing two characters, you’ll get to level them up together…
And it used to be that you could put lots of Luck%, GoldFind% and ItemDrop% on the second character (this doesn’t work anymore, only ItemDrop% seems to work now)

  • So yes, play two characters - more items, more levels

Another note is to make sure the main weapon you use has “Weapon DMG%” and “Weapon DMG+”
I made an example before of the two affixes

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As to difficulty… Get to floor 100 as soon as possible
Then work your way up to mythic 3…

Why mythic 3?
(Because Maths)
On mythic 3, with 20 heroic points into fortune, to maximize your Luck% and GoldFind%…:

Without Epiphany(5) on mythic 3
You only need 50% Luck
And 150% GoldFind

With Epiphany(5) on mythic 3
You need 212.5% Luck (one Crystal affix)
And 312.5% GoldFind (one Crystal affix and one Pet affix)
. Crystal affix are the light blue ones

I hope that all made sence :sweat_smile:

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what do you want your Character Team to do?

Farming? use @TeaCup advice. also, do a Search :mag: for Farm Builds for a Main & Hireling. the Main, should have most of your Farming affixes, and your Hireling most of your damage affixes. most of the time.

Experience? if you are only going to level 99 once, no problem. if you are going to get Perks for better Farming ability, there are 6 of them, and putting Quest Myth Stones on your Equipment for +200% Experience will help a lot. because when you choose a Perk, you go back to level 1. you start over your Stat Points, but you keep your Hero Points for your Skill. and your Equipment goes into your inventory for use later. Equipment can be used by a Character half the level of the Equipment. also, you only need to kill monsters around floor 100-110, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100. going for your Perks is a good time to experiment with your Equipment & Affixes.

Climbing Floors? Both Characters need lots of damage and defense.

also, when using 2 Characters, you can adjust the A.I. setting for your Hireling. I am still learning this part of the game, and the setting are different for the different weapons and skills you are using.

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