I need some help

Hello master
I’m so seriously
I wanna be tank warrior in pvp
But I can’t stand in battle
Please tell me about mythic skill and all trick about warrior.
Thank you for your help.

Check out @Mr_Scooty immortal guide. Question answered. :sunglasses: Welcome back.


Thanks bro :grin:


if you look in the Codex > Dictionary > Mythics, you will find a description for all the Mythic Affixes.

if you look in the Codex > Mythics, down by the LegendEx, the Mythic Affixes are listed with the Item they can be placed on and which Myth Stones you need to make the Affix.

if the Recipes for the Mythic Affixes have (???) next to them, you need to unlock the Recipe by placing Myth Stones on items, or converting them to higher or lower Myth Stones to have a chance to unlock part of a Recipe. the more powerful the Myth Stone used, the better the chance for part of a Recipe to be revealed.


I’ll try it
Thank you master

Welcome back @DarkLord nice to play fun again.:handshake: