I purchased new slot but no slot appears

I all ready sent an email its been a week now and i havent got any reply. This is my 3rd time buying a new slot only now this happen. And another thing. I cant even tap / click the new hero button and purchase new slot button. Im waiting dor ir response thanks.

Hey Tsapsueydot, we respond to every support email we get, so it seems like for some reason we didn’t get your email. Very sorry for that! Please try again and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, thank you and sorry for your issues!

sir admin, i purchased slot but i cant create other character after that…

it still have 5 slot so it means my transaction didnt process… please help me mr. admin…

Hey! Please contact the support. I am sure, they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

thanks Refia