I quit


I won’t play DQ till 2nd game come.If u guys bored like me and want alternative game advices just come to the discord and contact me.My nickname is Proxima.




Lol :sweat_smile: I’ve just wanted share it to you.Yes a little weird but i think not wrong cuz we got everything about game so will bored one day.


@perseusdoge please don’t give up on DQ! my current farm build is around floor 950+ M3, and I have plans to improve it. then I have plans to make a Climbing Build after my Farm Build gets to floor 1,000. Climbing Build Mission: to boldly go to higher floors unreached by other weaker players. floors 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000…I don’t even know what my limit is, or anyone else. I have seen what the Leader Boards show, and I wonder if I can surpass them, I can only try. and I still have the desire to reach First Place in Eternal League and play King of the Hill, while every one makes useless attempts with their pathetic PVP Builds (I can dream, can’t I?) to take my place.
when you make your dreams for DQ come true, have another dream to keep the game alive. :heart_eyes:


Eu também não pretendo desistir, hahahaha


Eu também não pretendo desistir, hahahaha

I do not mean to give up either, hahahaha

sure, farming can get boring when you are getting more Gold and other Items, but then it is time to make better items to do better things in the game. that is what I think. there is a quote from the movie, Galaxy Quest ‘Never give up, Never surrender!’ and another movie, Toy Story ‘To infinity and beyond!’. to continue pushing ourselves to do better, in this game, and in DQ2 when it comes out. and in real life also, I guess.


I can’t say not to give up @perseusdoge as i’m also a newbie on this game like everybody else, started playing early this year. I have barely achieved some goals on this game like making a powerful build and producing my first ‘serious’ farm build.
One of my goals is to climb 5000+ floors, or even higher but not so sure if i can :sweat_smile: . I’m currently farming for resources as i’m about to finish a hiking build, and very much hoping it can last up to the higher floors.
Arena? Nah :weary: barely made progress. I did made it to Eternal league, but Alas! i’m still way below the league to meet legendary players like CuzegSpiked ,Golem , Bizarro_Stormy, et cetera, but i guess this can wait later :smile:
You see i’ve just started, and for now those goals keep me going. Time may come i might stop playing like you do, but i guess it’s not a ‘i quit’ (unless my data is wiped out after 4 years of inactivity :scream: ) nonetheless i have very much enjoyed this complex game, and i know you did too!


Actually i played more complex games and this one so easy for me just take everything in the game and mix them ideally.


@perseusdoge that makes sense, thank you for being understanding of our excitement of playing DQ.
@Alkahest I hadn’t fought in the Arena for a few months while farming, and ended up dropping down to Epic League. I got back up to Mythic with an Epic Affix Build, but I think there are so many Immortal & Powerful Type Builds in the Eternal League now, I am going to need a lot of loot to get back up into Eternal. Division 5 Eternal was as high as I got, and that was with a Farm Build. I hope to do better with a dedicated PVP Build.