I really need a new build

I just cannot easily get through these floor 300+'s. I need a stronger build. My attack is only at what I can assume is around 150k. Please HELP! :smiley:

  1. Post your actual build
  2. What is your gameplay style?

I am a warrior. LV99 - 191 HEALTH / 113 POWER / 5 MANA

121.0k dmg per hit
138.8k dsp

crit chance 15.6
crit dmg 44.5
atk speed 12.7

weapon dmg 600%

but i use spell sword so I dont understand how dmg transfers because my torrent does like 250k elemental crit dmg every hit…for 5 seconds…

I just need a build where I can survive a hit…or survive those TNT pops…I really want too be tanky-er…any help is much appreciated.

[quote]crit chance 15.6
crit dmg 44.5
atk speed 12.7[/quote]

These stats are a bit too weak, you’ve to reach the max :
Crit Chance 60
Crit DMG 350
Attk speed 60

You’ll deal a lot more dmg

About the survability you should get some armor / all resist and HP :smile:

Well I have around 35k hp…my leech is 2% on hp…my armor is nearing 5000…and my resists are all around 200 I think…so I just need hp%?

It’s useless to have leech if you’re not having enough HP as leech is applied after dmg taken, so if someone’s hitting at 50k, whatever your leech : you’re dead

200 all resist ain’t enough, also for a warrior, 5k armor isn’t enough (think that you can increase your armor with HP stats points, it’s better than power imo)

HP% is worth when you’ve a ton of HP, per example :

10%HP on 35k HP : +3.5k HP
Better take +5k HP (epic affix) instead

Good point…ok so quick question…if an item has 50% dmg on it…can u craft 50% more too it since its not technically using the same stone twice?

50% orange affix
50% MS

Now is that over all dmg or just on your main weapon?

On each weapon… You jsut started the game or you’re just too lazy to seek informations? :laughing:

Ascendant set gear is also GREAT for buffing the survivability of a warrior, especially if you are currently low on All Resist – I use Archangel (seems easy to find, I have found about 8 copies and I am only at floor 245). It has an epic All Resist affix (so 70-100 easily if you reroll it a few times) AND has the Blessed talent (+300% spell resist) AND the set bonus will increase your all resist by an additional 25%. I have 90 all resist on the Archangel, 66 All Resist on my helm (a Revenge, see Blood Magic next) and literally no other sources of All Resist yet I sit at 720 all resist just from that.

Another thing to consider (if you havent already, your HP total and focus on HP Leech suggests you already do) is using a Blood Magic set piece. It focuses all of your HP/MP to one pool so you are sitting on a higher HP pool because you gain all your MP added in, you may have higher leech (since mp leech is added in) and all MP orbs also heal your health. It won’t stop you from being one shotted by TNT since you mentioned that, but if you get dented, it makes getting back to full easier (in my experience anyway). I get mine from Revenge helm but there’s lots of sources.

Just food for thought.

I stopped playing for like 6 months…and I went through floor 200 easy so…not much build needed