I really need advice right now

Here is my build., tho i dont think this is enough please help me improve it so i wont have much trouble in the near future. Im currently on floors 1280+ please help me improve this so i can easily clear floors 2000 heheh

Might seem ambitious but please help me.

Thank youu…

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THis is mainly for my hireling.

Im planning on substituting most of these by these… Im still trying to improve them tho. Also please help me with these, i already know what mythics to apply.

All i need is advice on affixes and sets. Thanks! :joy::joy::blush::blush:


Inmy opinion u should get masochist hat to gt barbarian and go for scorpio hachet if ur main is toss, but its only my opinion, no too much experienced yet

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Ill take that into acount heheh thanks.

Np, but better wait some1 more experienced help :smiley: i am still noob

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Everything helps.

But i already have barbarian on my hatchet tho, so no need… I dont want to have 100% barbarian since i wont be able to use skill when that happens…

so i am saying u should swap thathachet for scorpio, if u use it mainly to get 200%wdinsteed of barbarian and get barbarian on hat

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Ok guys this build only has a max damage of 5 b crit damage. what am i missing? i need more damage than that to reach floor 5000 please help me…
Also can i get 100% frostbiting in ruby?