I really need help

I really need help with this mythstone…everytime i convert 2xMythstone-Boon to get 1xMythstone-Gift its always not appearing in my inventory, its been 1week now and still the same, already tried clearing cache, clearing data, uninstalling and reinstalling the game its still the same…how can i make a higher tier of mythstone if i cant make a gift stone…please devs really need help…im in the verge of quiting this game because of this…

see the pics while trying to get 1pc of Mythstone-Gift

“~and I’m also here just for the POPCORN…”

Hmm i think this bug should be fixed in the new patch unless its gonna be in the upcoming but you can also inform a DQ Quality tester for bugs to see whats happening with this one!

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Hi Rickel, can you please pm me your dq account email address? We cannot reproduce this on our end and need to see if can duplicate what you are seeing on our end using your save data.

Thanks and sorry about this issue.