I recently found these rare legends. Can someone tell me how to maximize their damage? Did i do the right thing? Suggestions please


Can’t see your screenshot.
Is it just me or not?

I also can’t see lol

Uploading not complete cant see the picture

Those item are extremely rare bro

Apply whatever you see fit. :smile:

Well in order to maximize damage for your character you need to plan out a full gear set. Obviously keep the legend weapon damage affix. Outside of that, you need to have your build based around your play style, weather you’re using skills that have MH damage vs OH, if you need to slap on elemental damage affixes, bleeds, procs. Also, you can change those items into other class items if you want to build a different class with them.

Are these rare items too?

Whag is control duration in the ragnarok?? I dont know what it is, is it worth keeping?