I wanna buy a new char slot ! But I can't :'( HELP PLS

Hey ! So i’ve got my rogue almost in rare ascend and I’m a little bit tired of using the same character so I wanna buy a new slot !

PROBLEM : When I want to buy, of course they ask me payment method so I choose paypal, I connect, and then Google tell me that my Paypal account cannot be used because I have the wrong paypal payment method in my account settings. (I cannot send a screenshot it doesn’t work when that box is open)
But because of that, I can’t use my paypal to buy anything on google play and I have no problems when buying things on other things like G2A for example.

I post this here because if i’ve sent a mail to Google, they would have take weeks to answer me and may not even work so please help me ! I really want to try the other classes and I can’t delete my magic lvl 98 rogue !

Where are you from?


You should be able to access your gmail account from a browser or your phone. You should be able to complete the paypal account set up from there. It should work once paypal and google play “shake hands”

Ok I will try it

Do u know where I can add my paypal account to Gmail? I’m unable to find it xD


thank u bro :heart_eyes:

Ugh I just tried…

So apparently it’s my payment mode on paypal or they just don’t want me to buy anything xD
Also, when I try to buy anything in the game (maybe another way to add paypal withtout error), the game crash everytime.

Try network billing. In our country we purchase via regular load

The crashing thing should not happen. If you have the game installed from Google Play it should at least give you an error message if google doesn’t allow the purchase to go through.

Now I’m able to put my paypal on google play by doing it on the google play’s website from my computer… but now they ask for my credit card and I don’t have any xD

For the app crash, everytime I try to buy something, I tap on it, then the price is showed, and when i tap the price, the app stopped working.

Paypal requires a credit card to make purchases if you do not have a paypal positive balance. I don’t know of any other way of paypal being able to complete a transaction.

Did you download dungeon quest from the google play store, apple app store, or amazon app store?

I downloded it from the play store
And my paypal account have already 00.78$ on it (Not enough for a slot because i was unable to buy so i bought something else) but I have a positive amount