I want to farm pets but

Hunting 150 Enslavers makes me sleepy… And when I get the reward, it will give me a pet with set affix I already have and epic affixes that I am not looking for.

Can the Devs please lessen the number of enslaver kills required to get a legend pet? Please…

Loading floor… Finding and killing Enslaver… Loading floor again… Finding and killing Enslaver again… And doing it 150 times!!! OH MAN!!! THE MONOTONY IS MAKING ME SLEEP!!!

I like pets so much. I’m always very excited when I decide to pet farm. But after 50 floors of hunting, my eyes give up. The monotony is like a lullaby making me sleepy :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:. No matter how well rested I am.

This is just a suggestion. Though I would really like if you lower the requirements maybe 20%-50%. From 150 with accomplished perk maybe down to 100-125 perhaps? :sweat_smile:

And another suggestion or maybe a question, any Halloween/Christmas pets? :blush::blush::blush:

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Witch fairy, vampire imp, mummy hound, pumpkin slime?



those pet will be super rare :smile:

Is there at least a definitive guide to encouraging enslaver spawns on a more consistent basis?

Much rarer than slimes. Hahaha.

I feel you pal.

yeah because it will only available at those month/season :smile:

How to farm legend pets?? Can anyone tell me ??

You need to hunt and kill 200 Enslavers. If you have the Accomplished Perk from Ascension you only need to hunt and kill 150 Enslavers. Once achieved, a random legend pet will drop as quest reward.

Enslavers though has a slim chance to drop legend pet.

Tnx I… I got one when I saw my Kills of Enslaver is Just One more !! So I kill an enslaver and got a Lilith … Hehehe

I found a Way to see enslavers in a Fast way… Jus go to Floor 2 and walk and see him if not… back and select floor and choose floor 2… hehehhe