I want to know about epiphany set

it says that “increase all stat caps by +5%”, but why all sets ,all skills and all talents caps are still the same?
is it only increase the criti chance and dmg and the attack speed? or it’s just a bug.

there is another question:
when i use epiphany and get 75% cd reduce ,my stealth goes wrong, sometimes it doesn’t work, i could use stealth but i don’t in that case.is it a bug? hope someone have try and give me an answer. thank u.

stealth has 4 secs internal cooldown. even if you have 75% cooldown red you cannot use it for another 4 secs

Because all sets, all skills, & all talents dont have % on their caps. Only those caps with % will increase.

yes, you are so clever. sure i have 40 stealth hero points.

but the sets don’t say that the caps should be in form of %, +12 all talents in +25% cap can be +15 all talents . don’'t you think so?