I would like to let the Dev's know that

So I thought this thread could be a way for players to have a direct line (or primary thread) of communication to the developers, sort of like a comment box. While not really suggesting a specific in-game idea (unless you want to), posts here could serve the purpose of being more in tune to the idea of ‘tell us what you think’.

That being said, the idea for henceforth posts here is to complete the sentence in the title, “I would like to let the developers know that…”

My input:
I’d like to let the developers know that they’ve created a super fun game! In game content is quite good (and I’m sure will continue to improve), especially for being offline-based. I would like to comment that the information needs to be more readily available in game. I can’t imagine what times were like before the Codex, but looking forward I feel as though a sort of advanced codex is necessary. Perhaps, just as well, an advanced tutorial simulation could be made available to the players that are ready to move on from the basics. I guess my main point here is that the information you need in order to have a good comprehension of the game mechanics is vast - which makes for an excellent RPG! But I think it’s wise to get players through as much of that learning curve as possible in the most efficient way, so as to increase player longevity. This is just my humblest opinion and I hope I’m not out of line here! I love the game, and all of you guys.

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put a story in the game :smile:


I was going to make a Slack group, but I gave up…

I’m lazy.

Although, I could. I’d have to add people through email, though, which is tough.

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I did suggest a story ages ago but I don’t think it’s a good story for most people to read . It’s a bit long and probably needs updating for the new patch but it is an idea.

you got the point because adding a story will flip the table also need a new map/town and those floors will be just a real dungeon but how about this each floor ill be most likely sword art online just an idea thu

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Well I’m not a good storyteller but it was a random idea.

for me its a good idea about the story we need to use a msword to write a whole story :smile:

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having this game a S.A.O like theme will be awesome…

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Thanks for letting us know :smile:

We definitely appreciate the feedback!


A storyline isn’t a bad idea, although I got to admit I generally ignore the details of storyline. On the other hand, a story would add NPC’s, and NPC’s need places to be (like a town). A town would be cool because it opens the door for things like a hireling manager (where one could hire/change sidekicks), an inventory/vault manager, special event/content updates (such as seasonal content like Halloween and xmas) where limited items could be made available, and… wait for it… IP to IP multiplay! Remember Diablo 1 and 2? Where you could join your buddy you convinced to play the game and help him through tough stages, or show how certain things worked? It would require a HUGE programming change I know, but it would be sweet! A town could also have a trading post to exchange items! Yeah this would be a monstrous update lol. I know all of this is highly unlikely, but hey, it’s just a suggestion. The game already rocks, love it a ton, just letting some more Diablo nostalgia out for a minute, thanks for reading :wink:


Diablo 4 is better, though.

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There is no D4… D3 was alright. Hated the online only aspect, especially because Blizzard monitors and releases only so many ultra rare items, which quickly got scooped up by bot farmers. Unless some major changes have taken place, it’s near impossible to get decent drops, you have to buy them. I put in over 1000 hrs into D3, came back dismally disappointed.

I meant Diablo 5.

Ummmm. … ok…

Now it’s not the same game it was before. The hardest thing now is to get near perfect rolls on gear/ancients because normal legendary items are easily obtainable.

+25% quality have a higher chance of perfect roll