Ibroke the game?

I got empower to 40 (anymore and u get negative hp lol) for fun, you die 1 shot regardless even wth 12k mana with barrier on, dunno if its abug or not.

Funny enough, running around with 0.35 hp with barrier doesnt kill you like having 40empow does.

had posted a reddit about it, but since dq subreddit isdeserted, migt aswell post it here,


If ayoneis interestedin my build, i go icedamage +95frostbite +95 glasscannon 35 empower (planning for 39)

[quote=“Harahell”]Dungeon quest Wizard mana shield: youtu.be/0cq2FBOJMIQ

I hope u like it guys![/quote]


Updated my mana shield build xD i changed ring :stuck_out_tongue: now with time warp i can twister up to 1.13m crit max[/quote]