Ice dmg % and permafrost

what i observer there is no evidence permafrost increase yr dmg 50 %,is it bug or there is limit for ice dmg %

I tested, and it’s working for me. Equipped a piece with Permafrost, removed the set affix and damage went down. Are you sure you have ice element on your weapon? It won’t work otherwise.

I did tests and with and without set damage is equal .50% should be noticeable .sometimes I hit more without permafrost so is there any cap limit for ice DMG % almost all my items have 5000 ice DMG and ice20 %

How high is the damage on your weapon? It is possible to surpass dmg with permafrost on by dmg with it off just due to dmg ranges, high end vs low end.

As I said, it is definitely working for me, dmg per Default hit dropped 500k from removing Permafrost.

Pics of weapon and skill stats screens would help to explain.

I will post weapon when I get chance .this 8 k add default seems ok if u got 15000 ice dmg as I had . It’s weird it only adds 50% to the legend option ice dmg on items .i m changing stats on items to max drop rate gold find and luck .weapon is ice element like rest of the set

Can we get permafrost using amethyst?

Yes :smile:

Thanks griffin :smiley:

Always glad to help out :grin: :+1:

Oh 1 last thing griffin. Mpabsorb% of permafrost working while mana shield is active? I’ve read some that damage reduction (defiant,pathfinder etc) doesnt work in mana shield.

MP absorb is one of the only things that can reduce damage for manashields yes :smile:

I see. So it works even if mana shield is active. Thanks so much griffin! :smile: