Ice Twister Build

After long time and hard work I finished my twister build. Sure it isn’t the best build for arena, but even enough to reach eternal div 3. This a paper build and you need a lot of experience how to move with this build. Each little hit will kill you in an instant. One thing you can do is using sanctuary, but it is not necessary. To make this build you will need a lot of rare crystals. If you want electric damage change the pet with electrified set. You greatly get damage, but the monsters will kill you way more often. The meaning of this build is to freeze the monsters before they can even hit you, so ice damage is the best choice in my opinion. With full power a hit can reach up to ~50 billion damage, every 0,25sec. This build I testet on mythic 3 floor 2000+ and it is no problem.



Very good build.
However, I will always trade empyrean for sanctuary and maybe invest in some 15% block epic affix or 10% dodge epic affix. Still, this is a very good build.

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the Ice Twister Paper Tiger/Mage Build.

the extra Magnify to pull monsters into the Twisters so they are not attacking you is pretty good.

and Freeze stops Worms very well.

is Aethereal Drain doing a good job of keeping MP up, since you have +99.6% Push the Limit increasing the cost of your Skills?

wow, just watched the video, and saw a few Trillion DMG attacks when you got Deadly Strike + Brutal hits. :+1:

normally I would say to get rid of Adventurer Set, but the way the Build is now, it is the only thing really keeping you alive as long as there is gold around to be picked up.

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The adventure set is only for more movement, but not necessary. For more dmg you could use arcanist set instead of adventurer or an additional 30% deadly strike for more dmg. I only chose adventurer to farm faster ^^

The mp is no problem, only one +7500mp is needed. Aetheral drain gives you a lot of Mp, enough to use 2 times push the limit. 1% for each elemental crit is enough, because every monster you hit gets frozen. You gain a lot of MP. I tried it without mp on my pet, but then your Mp gets low very fast.

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Its so nice thanks sharing build :handshake:

Nice build,try 60% crushing blow to walk further.

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Mandle you’r active huh get it up on divission1 so lets wait nuique joymhel20 when mandle is well be back. Old warlord. :cupid:

you would have to add Ascendant if you put in Arcanist.

I have a couple of Builds using the both of them, but I don’t think they are utilizing them to their full potential. the Posts I have read where there is Billions of DMG using them are pretty cool, but not quite for my play style. but I am definitely getting better with these 2 Sets.