ID All cheaper than single ID

For some reason single IDs always cost about 10x what IDing a single item costs.

Just like in market you can get discount when you buy many , the more items the bigger the discount

There is no discount in the shop for buying multiple potions, and that isn’t what is happening anyway. I had a SINGLE item in my inventory, and ID all cost less than 100. IDing it specifically without ID all cost me around 800.

I mean market(literal market) not DQ market

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Not all items are the same price when IDing them. So some will be cheaper then others. Least that’s what I’m understanding while playing.

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Right, but when I press ID all with only one unidentified item in by bag and it tells me 100 gold, then I select no, and then ID it specifically, it costs far more than 100 gold.

Really? I didn’t notice that. Ian check an see if mine is like that here in a few mins. Just got home from work

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. I am not sure, weither it’s inteded or not. Going to take a look into this. :slight_smile:

Yea he is right. I ID a single item it cost 1000 gold compared to 712 gold while IDing a few items

I think when using ID all it is 1g per ilvl, whereas with single ID it is 10g per ilvl