Idea for new paid content "Practice Dummies"

So with some many stats and modifiers it’s sometimes hard to know what’s really going to net you the most damage. Especially when trying to conceptualize things like the prismatic ability with other modifiers. “Well, how long does the enemy live, on average how many types of elements are they going to have on them?”

I suggest a “testing ground” that players can go to that has monsters that don’t move and have nearly unlimited health and insane regen. In addition, a new feature is added that tells you you’re average dps for the last 10-30 seconds at the bottom of the screen.

This area would have different dummy practice areas. For instance
An area for
1 immune all
4 immune all dummies.
1 No immunity dummy
4 No immunity dummies.

Then a “speed run” floor(s) that don’t drop items (just mana and health pots), but every single time will have the exact same layout and mob composition (with the composition being a mix of immune and non immune enemies).

I say floors, but it could be the exact same floor with the only difference being a sliding scale of health and damage (like you have for easy to mythic 3).

That way we have an scientific way of going about maximizing our builds as well as giving the community a way to have bragging rights. “I cleared mythic 7 speed run in X time, can you beat that?”.

I would not pay for something that gives no return.

I’ve suggested this as well before.

I would like to thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts they theorized.

I am sure there are some who would not pay for it.

However, I feel that there is a return to be gained from it.

With a standardized “speed run” track that gives an accurate representation of the type of minions, resist, ect that can be found on average you can create yourself a good baseline for how your build is.

You may think “I have this ring with 4 different procs on it is and it’s amazing! Why would I want to sacrifice that for this other ring that shows a 10% dps decrease?”
With your current gear your speed run time might be 2 minutes 20 seconds. Yet, after running the speed run 10 times with that new ring you find your average run time is now 2 minutes.

You’ve increased your effective clear time by 16.67%.

Or maybe you’re in a situation where you’re farming crystals and wonder how much your clear time would increase to swapping to gear that decreases your stated dps by 60%, but takes you from 50 Item find to 110 item find?

The “quick” math says that you’re finding 120% more items (110%/50%) but it now takes you 150% longer (1/0.4) to clear. Based off that it doesn’t make sense to swap your gear.

However when you run the trial run a couple times in reality you’re only increasing your clear time by 100% (think overkill dps. If a minion has 100 health, you deal 99 damage a hit it is sitll going to take you 2 hits to kill it. Vs if you were doing 50 damage a hit you would still kill it in 2 hits).

So now you realize, boom you can get a 10% gain on average to your crystal yield despite the rough math saying you should be suffering a net loss.

Of course there’s opportunity cost. If you spent 2 hours doing thing for 10% gain then you would have to farm over 20 hours to see a net positive yield vs just spending that 2 hours farming. Then again, if you’re having fun doing it then its’ already a net positive.

Good thing you aren’t solely responsible for all the games funding. :smile:

Vanity items give no tangible return, they make companies MASSIVE sums of money.

I would like to thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts they theorized.