[Idea] Next Season PvP set affix

Set affix name: Gluttony
Effect: Increase all heal effect by 10% [per rank], reduce damage taken equal to 10% [per rank] of heal for 3sec on healing.

*Damage reducing cant renew but can active again after 3sec.

This set affix only work on pvp since this is for pvp usage only. lol.

Just random idea popup in my mind lol. hope it will viable.

We won’t be making effects that apply in PVP only like the one you pointed out. The PVP trophy affixes actually work in PVE, they just don’t do anything most of the time because monster mechanics are different than player mechanics.

Yap as Clogon said, trophies already exist, but you can still suggest for new trophy affixes :dieter:

okay how about
Set affix name: War Path
Description: Reduce damage taken by 7.5% (per rank) for 3 sec when under enemy CC effect (such as blind stun slow immobile silence etc…), Heal 100HP (per rank) when under enemy CC for 3 sec.

Effect will not renew but can active again after the previous one finish.