Ideas for new patch

Just starting a post for new general ideas for everyone to help the game out. I play this game every day and love it. I am just really excited to see what comes next and to see what the DQ community can come up with.

I was thinking it would save a lot of time if there was a way to identify all idems in your bag with one button that lets you know how much it will cost, and ask to proceed.

And possibly an npc that can serve as the enchanter. And for a high amount of gold you can remove your choice of enchamtment instead of having to remove all and restart
(Or make the remove ench buton take away a random 1-6, not just from the bottom up)

Possibly be able to change the ai of the hired companions to either attack what you attack. Or support around you. Or at least stay back in some cases

Add a dual weild feature to warrior, or an offhand wep that does dmg.

1.4.1 Is almost officially in test sequence. I do, however, like your train of thought and would like to see some of this in 1.4.2 or so. Thanks for the great ideas.

I’m mostly excited for inventory upgrades right now it’s a pain to identify and sell. I also keep selling good items by accident, please add a “lock” on items you don’t want to sell.

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[quote=“shutnic”] I also keep selling good items by accident, please add a “lock” on items you don’t want to sell. [/quote] You should also put an “identifie all” and “sell all” buttons it would be very useful when you are farming for gold and just want to sell every thing that is not locked.

When are pets gonna be added/designed? Is it gonna be a “small” patch like 1.4.2, or rather 1.5 or later?

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We’re actually working on them right now, but don’t know which specific patch they will be included in. Inventory Management and progression are being worked on simultaneously and we’re trying to get out each update as they are finished, instead of waiting and including everything in one huge patch like we have been doing.

It would be great to have NPC’s and a full town with a blacksmith (for re-rolling the level and talent on your weapon/equipment), merchant (for the current shop), Tailor (for add-ons such as the sigil, etc.), enchantress (for re-rolling individual affixes, as well as adding on affixes), and other buildings. (to make the game have a plot, you could have the hero “reconstruct” the town through using gold to buy the resources to construct buildings, including a building for the hero’s home) In the event that the hero is allowed to have a home in this town, it would be great to have a home decor NPC, and storage chests available.

On that note, it would be awesome to have the hiring system in town, as a mercenary store. If using a friend system is added, it would be great to hire other people’s characters among friends, as well as allowing you to hire your own characters.

Also, a quest board, or “Wanted” list for enemies would be cool to see implemented. After all, it is a dungeon “Quest” right?

The quest could be to re-construct the town(s) (1 for each act would be cool), while also completing quests for villagers (the mayor, the inn keeper, other NPC’s etc.)

Quests could be added based on a thread someone could make to get ideas for them.

An actual achievement’s list would be great to have as well. For completionists, this would be a great feature to have.

By the way, I should put emphasis on the enchantress… who would be able to re-roll INDIVIDUAL affixes. I know it’s a gamble to re-roll all affixes, and that was the purpose of it, but if max values of an affix has a 10% chance, the chances of rolling max values on ALL affixes of an item (6 in total) would be 0.1^6, which is being generous for those affixes that have ranges of ~2000 (+damage for example). It would seem that 10% is roughly the chance of a max stat on any given affix though (1 in 10 re-rolls usually will yield a max value a specific affix on an item). But even still, 0.1^6 is a lot of times to re-roll an item to make it perfect. The only other option I could think of is to make a “Perfect re-roll” option that costs 100x normal costs of re-rolling (45k would be 4.5mill, 300k would be 30mil for a legendary item).

Edit: I just saw that you wanted it to be hard to obtain perfect items, so if you REALLY want it to be hard to obtain an item with absolutely perfectly rolled affixes, I suppose you could, instead, make the items cost a specific number of enchanting “coins” (for the enchantress NPC, as opposed to the enchanting book suggestion) and also make specific affixes for enchanting cost a specific number of EC (enchanting coins… yay I coined my first abbreviation on an item that doesn’t exist, pun intended!)

Adding a new tier of vanity items that you could earn with quests would make sense too and “motivate” players to get all vanity items. Adding New vanity item slots (like feet or hat vanity items) is also an option.

Do you mean a town as in the mobile mmorpg elgard? (the town is a “base of operations” and you can start dungeons and quests from there)? If yes, add a shop where you can spend hero points and buy pets/vanity/exchange for gold…

But there’s also some things you shouldn’t add/do to the game:
-A paid currency like gems or diamonds. That would make the game pay to win, unless you are only able to buy items that do not affect the game (vanity (to brag in (possible) future multiplayer) pets…)

  • A new tier of items. That seems senseless, as we have 5 tiers already (worked in Diablo too).
    -Take care to keep items and classes balanced, especially with New characters/legendarys.

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Regarding my post on game modes and implementation of the town, I’ve moved it to

How about an enhancing system. The one where you add ‘+’ to the equips. It is found in many RPGs. Each + adds stats exponentially to the base stats (dmg for weaps, armor for armors), but affixes won’t be altered. Each attempt has a chance of breaking the item.
Also, add more floors, and more difficulty level.
PvP system online. Even if there are no rewards.

That’s it for now.

Nonononono. That sounds like pay to win. With a chance of breaking the item on upgrade. What if you could lower that chance with a potion that costs 2$?

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I wouldnt mind the hireling system being reworked. Not sure how everyone else feels but I think the hireling just gets in the way and is useless. I also feel a bit forced to use a hireling because its basically double farming.

Same here

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What would you guys like to see hireling wise?

Improved hireling AI to make them easier to use? Reworked rewards for using hireling making the benefit either better or worse?

We’re definitely open to improving the system :smile:

Maybe have another equipment slot such as a companion ring for example. That give that character a bonus when used as a companion. (Plus %gold find ring equipped on my warrior as comp ring. So when I hire him on my wiz I get a gold bonus or something. )
Make them purchasable with hero points

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Could you put an extra skill slot on the screen that used to activate a special skill or attack for your companion.

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have a mode where you could fluidly switch between the two characters. Say after they both complete 200 floors and max lvl.

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It would also be really cool to see your take on a class mastery or class mix. Say a second part of the game after ep 8 floor 200. Where you can add a secondary class or spec. And lvl that up with your existing char spec in a new set of floors and difficulty.

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[quote=“xmdsx428”]It would also be really cool to see your take on a class mastery or class mix. Say a second part of the game after ep 8 floor 200. Where you can add a secondary class or spec. And lvl that up with your existing char spec in a new set of floors and difficulty.

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this could be a simple and effective way to add more content and motivation without having to revamp the whole game. Add more weapons and monsters. Possibly put pets in same area. Make the game more of a motivation/onion feel. Layers that just get better and better. Not much plateau of excitement or game style.

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I just dont like having the hireling with me to be honest. I don’t think they should earn exp past level cap or hero points while hired. Not really a fan of them being able to find items either. I think the hireling system would work as a powerleveling your alt only idea. This is just my two cents cents though.
Some sorta end game needs to be implemented that allows you to grow more powerful after 99 which Im pretty sure you guys are already working on.