Ideas for Town, NPC's, and Implementation

Any and all comments are welcome!

Clarification: These are just ideas that I hope are taken into consideration and implemented by the developers. It isn’t necessarily future content. I just hope that at least some of it can be used in some way, shape or form.


The initial plot could be that the hero must gather gold to purchase resources to rebuild a town that was dismantled for one reason or another. To that end, the player would initially need to gather gold to progress and purchase features for the town. To new players it would peak the curiosity as to what features could eventually be accessible, and heighten their interest in the game and game mechanics. Although the game does not have to have a plot, the idea of re-constructing the town and purchasing initially unavailable features would give the game a cool, upgrading feel for people who enjoy games that involve upgrades.

NPC’s and Duties:

Enchantress: Assumes the duties of the Enchant tab; Additional features: Accepts Enchanting Coins to add a specific Affix to equipment, re-roll an individual affix, re-roll equipment-bound talent, remove/add affixes to legendary equipment, with the exception of the set affix, and max-roll all affixes on an item. The number of Enchanting Coins required for each of these tasks will vary, especially for legendary items.

Blacksmith: Enhances base attributes of equipment (AR, Base Damage, Base Attacks/Second, and possibly base weapon type: For example, a Sword to a Lance, or a wand to a staff) which will cap depending on how the developers intend to balance this with new challenging content that they intend to come out with. This could cost gold, as well as resources (4 different resource types, 1 found in each act)

Merchant: Assumes the role of the current merchant tab

Mercenary Chief: Allows player to hire other heroes on account, or hire heroes from friends.

  • Bounty&Quest Board: Allows player to view current quests.

Quest Types:

  1. Bounty quest type:
    Single Bounty: Defeat monster X, where X is, assume a random epic monster with a random epic name found within a 10 floor spread.
    Mass Bounty: Defeat Y number of rare/magic/normal monsters, number of monsters required for the quest will vary based on a range for each rarity of monster.

  2. Scavenger quests: find a number of item types, which could be based on rarity, base item type, item level, affix attributes, or anything else related to an item. Other items similar to the relic item type in the challenge could be implemented here.

The Gate Keeper/Portal Guide: Sets portal coordinates for specified destination (floor #, enemy power level, etc.). Also allows the player to exchange items to travel to a specific game mode:

Game Modes
Arena-(finite wave mode, number of waves set by player)-Requires Blood Emblem
Gauntlet-(finite dungeon mode, extended dungeon in comparison to normal dungeon size, and involves monsters from all acts)-Requires Platinum Key,
Slaughter Room-(infinite wave mode)-Requires Soul Emblem
Abysmal Keep-(infinite dungeon mode)-Requires Ethereal Key.
Leaderboard status on the endless game modes would be beneficial for allowing players to gauge their skill in the game (not just equipment affix management).

Hero’s home: Includes a storage trunk equivilant to the size of the player’s inventory (of course extra storage tabs would need to be purchased separately from inventory bag space). This would serve as a place to store items if a player wants to change up the play style or test a new play style for each class. Customizable features for home appearance inside and out would also be awesome to see.

[color=#FF0000][size=150]Suggested New Items & Suggested Drop Rates:[/size][/color]
*Drop rates are listed as a multiplier relative to Legendary Item Drop Rate, and affected by Magic Find/Drop Rate Frequency modifiers.
Enchanting Coins: 0.1
Resources: 0.375, Resource types: Can’t think of ideas for specific names, so just call them R1; R2; R3; R4 for now, for act 1 though I’m thinking wood, and for act 2, maybe ore, nothing comes to mind in act 3 and for act 4 maybe metals or fire core.
Portal Items:
Blood Emblem and Platinum Key: 0.2
Soul Emblem and Ethereal Key: 0.1

Regarding the Town Idea:

  • Adding a town could limit the accessibility to potions, enchanting, etc. while mid-dungeon, and also give a reason for players to want a larger inventory
  • The town could serve as a checkpoint every 5 floors of normal dungeon crawling.
  • It could also allow the game to develop a plot as time goes by.

Unfortunately this isn’t quite as detailed or extensive as I would like, but I will hopefully come back to it when I have time to add more insight on what I could see would be a great addition to the game. The reason why I’d enjoy having a town in the game is simply because it limits what is accessible during the dungeon crawl, and also gives the game a more interactive feel, instead of a menu feel.

I would make the additional gamemodes for free, but the item drop rate is lowered A LOT. Because a 0.1*legendary drop rate seems a bit low.

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[quote=“shutnic”]I would make the additional gamemodes for free, but the item drop rate is lowered A LOT. Because a 0.1*legendary drop rate seems a bit low.

urlaub fürs gehirn[/quote]

0.1 is fairly low, but that’s to increase the time it would take to obtain the “perfect” equipment. Maybe I was being harsh on the drop rates. I’m used to getting at least 2 legends every run through a dungeon though, but I hardly ever have an equipment slot that doesn’t have the +50% luck affix in it, so maybe I’m over-estimating how often legends normally show up for people.

The cost to engage in the other game modes would just to make it so that people don’t sit on one game mode, and have to explore all ends of the dungeon, instead of grinding Ignis all day, or that was the reasoning behind it anyways. But I do see your point, and I’m glad you addressed that.

I have almost 3k hero points and with 350% luck I have still only found 55 legends.

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[quote=“shutnic”]I have almost 3k hero points and with 350% luck I have still only found 55 legends.

urlaub fürs gehirn[/quote]

Of every 50 items I usually get 2 to 4 legends at 675% luck ( luck boost purchase + lv 8 difficulty + 50% luck on all gear + 100% luck from challenges) That’s assuming Ignis runs, but per dungeon floor, maybe 1 or 2 legends are found, keep in mind, this is when I hire my warrior who has 575% luck. It appears that this has some impact on the rarity of items, because without him hired, I seem to get magic items a lot more often… When he is hired, i rarely get magic items, and the bulk of my items tend to be rare/epic. Also, several affixes are epic on most items when he is hired (it appears that luck affects how commonly you find epic affixes)

Wouldn’t a town with npcs just yield lag problems on low-end smartphones, and as the game graphics improves, even on average phones? I’m fine with the game UI as it is right now.

BUt I like the idea of the endless mobs, since sometimes, dungeoning gets a bit boring if done continuously for hours.

Im all for endless mode, but with a mode for only magic/rare\epic mobs!!

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Sorry I realize that this thread is old enough now for this to be borderline necro but I just wanted to say that I love the idea of a town replacing at least some of the menu functionality. Enchanting especially would make way more sense to me done out of dungeon (which is apparently already on the way), but the other stuff being npc based makes just as much sense, and I love the idea of time and resource commitment to revitalize the town as well. The quests and play modes would also be welcome but if all of these were actually implemented it would be one scary big update. Good stuff M@ssey!

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Sry for the off topic but this is nothing more than a minor necroact :smiley:
3 months is nothing lol

We still poll through this thread all the time to follow up on user ideas. Please keep 'em coming.

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Mysterious portals and innocent town from disgaea series could do well in this game.

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