Identifying cost versus resale value

Curious as to why the cost of identifying an item is always more than the increase in resale value. This is the first game I have ever played where it is a punishment to identify an item. For example, I just filled a bag with epics, IDed all at a cost of 13800G and then sold them for…13800G! If I had just sold the items unidentified I would have made 6900G. IDing individually is even worse (usually I lose 380G for each item)
Is this a bug or a deliberate imbalance in gameplay?

I think it is more beneficial once you have the Dealer perk for some reason.

That may be, but how is one able to reach the 5 mil G required for Ascension if you lose money every time you identify an item? It just makes the game less worthwhile to play if you get punished for trying to better your character.

Well you don’t have to identify every item! Well at least I did not, i sold all the items that i didn’t need, plus out of the 100 items thats dropped probably only 1-2 needed to be identified, which means you still profit regardless even if you do identify. And I also tested it during these couple of hours when I was playing my other character(my other char did not have the Dealer perk) and I was used to doing id all sell all, I still managed to profit!

But back then, not really too long ago, I used to id all, and look at each item one by one and sell one by one, so it wasn’t too bad, once you have like epics, you will most likely sell all the normal and magic ones, and then once you have legend items, you will most likely sell all the epic/magic/normal ones.

But really, back then when I started playing, I thought getting the 5mill required for Ascension was hard, but it was not really that bad, actually you will most likely get the 5m gold from picking up the gold than selling the items, to one point I remember not even picking any items under legend because they sold for too little, until I ascended, since it was a waste of time selling the items(remember when I said i used to sell one by one?)

But back to answering your question, i don’t think you actually lose money every time you identify an item. Even then again, it’s not really called getting punished by trying to better your character(You need to pay to make your character better(?) (Happens in any game or even real life, paying for an education(?)), it’s like any other (MMO)RPG where you have to pay in order to better a character? But like I said before, you don’t really lose out alot(or at all), since you will probably make most of the gold looting anyways.

You should also maybe hold on to and use gold find % affix items and luck % affix items as well, the gold find will definitely help you get more gold.

All right, I’ll work for the affixes. Thanks for your help.

The only thing that might be unappealing is the way crafting items work sadly, which is pretty much the main focus in the game anyways, to ‘farm’ and get crystals and mythstones to craft items. It is unappealing at least for me because it is by chance, you have to kind of be very lucky to get the affix that you want, if you have a low budget amount of crystals. Well it can also be said about getting good item drops, except crafting would be easier if you already have a good amount of crystals, instead of solely relying on getting the good items and crafting from there.

I always keep 250k and faux convert.
Have 250k and tap convert on an unidentified legand and it says what it is. If I don’t want it I sell it. If I do I is it and keep it.

Interesting idea…that might help a lot. Thanks!

I find it vexing that there’s no beginer farming guid it’s all “use these crystal teir items to farm better” HOW THE HECK DO I EVEN GET CRYSTAL ITEMS TO FARM IF I CANT MAKE A FARMING SET TO START WITH

Yeah heh…what i did was pretty much fight M3 which already has like 350% for each? Either way is sufficient enough, and some 50/60% gold find/luck(From legendary items) with 20 Fortune in Heroic skill. And well I also did M3 pretty early in the floors once I had something to deal damage with, pretty much make a newbie build of people’s builds, and a newbie build of people’s farming builds, and work from there. People have that 225% crystal gold find? Just loot an item with a 50-75% epic gold find then heh. Weapon/Elemental Damage % and Weapon/Elemental Damage+ are on epic affixes as well, so that’s a pretty good start in getting damage.

PS: When I say 50/60% luck/goldfind from legendary items, i meant like those affixes are already on some legendary items(Like the Craneopia(don’t know how to spell it), though you can loot epic items with gold find/luck % epic affixes as well.