Identity charge

I am having the hardest time trying to find the set identity charge I found all the others backstab Earth shatter and comet I have no luck finding the charge can anyone help

u mean charge skill from warrior? i cant quite understand your question but if ur talking bout affixes

u can use charge as primary skill and whirlwind as ur mh special by using affix BATTLEMAGE (rollable from wiz armors)

lance weapon for charge

I think he meant for the Identity Set Affix with Legend Affix of Charge Proc…

I dont think there is something like that all I know in Identity is

Earthshatter Proc
Blinkstrike Proc
Storm Proc

If you have Identity and want to have Knightcharge not as your mention “Charge” use a crystal and change your MH special skill and ohh I forgot the name of Crystal that changes MH/OH special skill :grin::grin::grin:

Crystal amber use it on your MH to change your skill and pick charge

lol i misuderstood it as the primary skill of lance. so he meant knightcharge