According to the item’s text it will amplify damage of spells cast from other classes by x%. Does this apply to battle mage’s skills if used on a class other than warrior?
I wanted to test this out with the battle mage and spell sword, while on a rogue, but neither of them seems to be getting the increase in damage. I have +4 set bonus so the increase would be at 62% or something like that. That would be a substantial boost to the damage which I would indeed see yet I don’t.
I guess I’m confused at what is classified as a “spell”.

both primary and special is count as spell/skill. the only thing that not count as skill is default.

Identity increase damage of skill that not originally belong to the class for example if rogue use spell sword or battle mage.

Identity increase damage of skill u use & proc skill that not belong to toon class. its not multiply base on your gear for example a rogue use spell sword and battle mage. battle mage will take over spell sword (changing skill set effect) and make your primary and special as charge and whirwind. so only that skill damage increased. its not using spell sword increase 62.5% damage and use battle mage increase another 62.5% damage.

I know it doesn’t amplify them twice if stacked (equipped at the same time). I am using them independently of each other but neither seem to be effected by the increase from identity. For example, I had a whirlwind damage of 1.44m when I had a ring with satyr’s spirit on. When I switched it to the ring with identity on it the damage stayed the same, in stat page and in combat.
The affixes aside from the sets are all loot related so they aren’t contributing to any damage modifications that might make up the difference from the sets.

Identity should increase damage on cast/use. not perma/stack on base… if after change some equipment, your damage output still same. (not from stat dps eth but on damage pop up when u use that skill) then there is something wrong with it or your build.

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