If a Mythic is made is there anyway to reverse it?

I made skill Mythic awhile ago for my pistol rogue from a Noj robe… Is there a way to take the mythic off of it?

You can’t reverse it. If you are talking about taking away the mythic skill affix try the crystal lower than Diamond, i forgot the name because I rarely use it. The crystal that can remove random number of affix in an item(which includes mythic skill and crystal affixes)

You can use quartz, but it will randomly delete the affixes, set and mhytic that you have. It will be turned to an ordinary item that doesnt have anything on it but the quality.

The result is useless item when you try to use quartz on removing mythic affix, thats why people just create another item rather than trying to remove mythic affix. :smiley: