If you could add 1 more skill to this game what would that be?

I would add virus skill … its logic: you summon something then you overcharged it where ever it goes it hits 10x of you damage when you attack it attacks. İf its alive you wont take fatal damage .if you dont spam it . The. Summon dies and it goes cooldown … do you have ant bright ideas? :slight_smile:

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tsunami skill


1.Singularity mythic(offhand skill): Chance to cast black hole, pulls all enemies and explodes for 600% OH damage.
2.Vorpal Slash(Sword MH special): Player charges forward and slashes opponent for 1200% MH damage also causing earthshatter and stuns enemies in the AoE.

Would absolutely love to see these skills in the game, I’m a warrior fan so these are warrior skills.Warrior needs to be buffed anyways as other classes are stronger.Sorry these are more than one, I couldn’t resist :grin:

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Skillshot stun/bind

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Asura Strike !! using all Mana striking an enemy with full power. it will knock em down. insert (chinese word effect)


I have another idea Skill name:domino. You debuff the enemy with dot effect everytime u kill that thing the debuff spreads to other enemies :slight_smile:

@mylifeisfunny Plagued, Frozen, and Arcanist + Ascendent sets have a domino feel to them when used.

A shadow master type summon that wears randomised equipment based on the charactersite items

how about a Shadow Master Set Affix, it works similar to the Mirror Skill…but then, there is a set like that already…and some proc’s… :confused:.


arena skill only. “Purge Cheater” .

if(VerifyPlayer() == false){


I’d like to see PVP split into character sections…

Rogues only fight other Rouges
Wizards only fight other Wizards
Warriors only fight other Warriors

and a mixed section, where everyone fights everyone, exactly like it is now…

I might make it back to Eternal Division One again if this was implemented… :tired_face:


Fun Ideas --> MH Special Skill(s)

First New Special MH Skill

Nativus Terram - MH “Elemental Floor”

–Causes floor to become elemental area beneath player (element follows player MH element on gear)
–100% Elemental Critical chance
–500% MH Dmg every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds
–Elemental Floor stays in place once cast (does not move with player)
–Floor would look like ice, poison, fire, shock or arcane floor (circle with elemental look).
–10yd radius around player
–Cool down 8 sec

–Cannot be purged in PvP

Second New Special MH Skill

Death Ray

–Causes a Straight Line Bright Beam of Directed Energy in direction player is facing.
–Pierces all enemies hit
–1000% MH damage to each enemy in Energy Beam
–100% Knockback Or Causes blind due to beam
–AoE 20 yds (Beam travels up to 20 yds) - {does not seek opponent}
–Visual effect duration between 0.5-1 second. Beam width same as a Mythic arc width.
–CD 5 seconds

Third New MH Special skill


–Pulls Enemy(s) into Wormhole and drains 50% HP/MP/(life)
–Duration 3 seconds
–AoE 15yds
–Wormhole Radius 5yds
–Can pull in more than one enemy if crosses into Wormhole radius
–Visible hole in floor
–Has a pulling effect toward the hole the enemy/player can notice if within 15yds.
–Enemy randomly reappears 25 yds away from caster after going into Wormhole
–CD 6 sec

–Can be purged in PvP


@ObiWanKenobi Purge Cheater wins!!! Love it!! :joy:


How about a summon that is a mirror image of your opponent :smiling_imp:


Well If This Whas Real The Warrior From @Mr_Scooty KRAKEN Will Be The Top 1 of ‘‘Warrior League’’ for sure!


Finally you got to share the ideas as they are well thought out :slight_smile: . They will be awesome in game and amazing effects too. A little bit of unbalancing can be exciting at times too.


lmao. instant bans cheater


@ZOMBOY I need to dig up my old warrior craft and tune him up. There are a lot of Hobgoblin’s running around.

@CuzegSpiked I placed a few of those ideas I had written before in this thread and changed some of the info. Overall, the ideas/concepts are the same. :sunglasses:

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This idea seems like it could add something as you can explore more potential of any class and really get yourself familiar with strengths and weaknesses of each class, much like now, but facing your own classes as well as a mixed arena. Of course there are hybrid class builds in some ways so there are some rogues that feel more like wizards/warriors and vice versa depending on the build because of amber, procs and set combinations.
Although to be dedicated in each area, you would have to make a build that considers the one class opponent in mind that the build would be different from mixed arena match builds where you face 3 classes rather than just 1.

I don’t know if i want this idea but it could be something to try since there can be some interesting build combination possibilities that can be tried that weren’t normally viable or some hidden build ideas appearing and then also used in other arenas. As long as it can stay fun, competitive and get people thinking. However the setup for the ban leagues for each would also be a pain and having to report cheaters in each section or so.


Just want to add forum account info.
Like: total play time(hours) , account registration history, total purchase vanities etc.
Just like legends found even your offline gamer the legend gear you found still counting. (Auto saved)
So we can easily identified who is cheater and not.

And if you registered to the game is also you registered here in forum automatic so we can monitor each account progress by searching their ign here.