Ignore resist? Newbie

Newbie here been searching cant find solid answer.

Do I only need 1 ignore resist on my one of my items like armor is enough for pve?


Do I need put ignore resist to all my items like 4-6 ignore resist to be effective?

I’m planning to make skull shield poison build.

Any tips how to Inc. Poison damage and what items I should farm and get.

What important affixes, green, red, blue stats I should remember?

Thank you I’m advanced hoping someone help me.

only one ignore resist applies. resists are effectively nullified.

more then one ignore resist can not ignore more then none. :slight_smile:


Ah I see how about elemental critical does 100% is enough is it really 100% proc? Often I go beyond 100% like 160% elemental crit does 60% extra crit goes waste?

Thank you in Advaced.

The cap is 40% in stats page so anything above that is a waste as I have tested for myself. But even something as high as 30% is more than enough depending on how fast you attack or the dots and stuff. With epiphany (5), you can get 50% elemental crit though.

Also I remember coat skill used to be able to do 100% crit chance and 100% elemental crit which disregarded the caps but thats changed to 25% or so and follows the caps.

You can use Ignore resist but better to use 100%+ weaken to double dmg and also defeat immune enemies and enemies that resist very much.

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Really so 100+ weaken is better than ignore resist I see


The guide below will be very helpful.


Thank you I have 1 more question regarding

Weapon damage + and % affect elemental damage? Or only the weapon initial hit?

Also what’s the cap for elemental critical damage? I don’t see it on max stats on page.

Weapon + and % only affect the weapon its on. Elemental damage affects both weapons and is global damage. Can be placed on any gear. Also WD*ED does happen in dps formula for both weapons and is the major damage that gets multiplied by sets, affixes and skills. So Elemental damage is the major damage and worth having ED% which multiplies BWD of your weapons.

Cap for Elemental crit dmg is not there for things like Frostbiting 100% but there is cap for elemental crit chance which is 40%. So in theory you could have up to 1200% Frostbiting and get away with it assuming you used all eternal or 600% without using eternals combined.


You are very welcome.

Weapon damage will only apply damage from the weapon you have affix installed.

No cap on elemental critical damage.

Guide below will be perfect for you.

Link to understanding a lot of info about the game.

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