Ignore Resists and Fire DOT

Im currently running mainly fire dmg and things like Inferno, ele-crit, and vampiric touch. One of the affixes i’m using is Ignore Resist. I have no trouble with the initial hit, 1 bullet from ricochet takes away like 70% of their hp. then fire dot should do the rest since it claims to deal 80% of the initial hit. This works as intended against monsters not resistant to fire. For some reason the DOT seems to not work against monsters with Fire Resist affix. Is it intended for ignore resist to not support the DOT portion of fire dmg?

The reason your fire dot isnt working as well as it might potentially be able to do is because if you look at the fire element type monsters they show a “immune” dmg sign. The best way to counter this is either to use a different element of-hand or as a mage under his skills he has a potential chace to cast elements of different types

I was hoping that the ignore resists affix would apply to dot as well. I don’t really have the option of changing elements without ruining my build. The set and affixes are all synergizing with fire.