Im back with another?

Does the stone work on hireling im loosing a lot of damage when i change these

Im currently doing mythic 2 around map lvl 270 should i step back down to legendary and farm since i have this ring now

your stone of Nadroji is giving you a 19.2% Shock damage boost to any shock weapons equipped. that Crystal Chaos Ring has Blight, which is giving you a 77.5% damage boost to Toxic Clouds, if any of your weapons are Poison and you have some kind of Elemental Crit. if your Hireling has a Shock MH and Poison OH, your MH is getting the benefit from the Nadriji Ring, and if you had the Chaos Ring, your OH would get the benefit. if both weapons are Shock, then switching to the Chaos will not help your Shock weapons. if you changed the Chaos ring to Shock, then any targets that are stunned would be getting 77.5% more damage from the High Voltage, which is what the Blight gets change to if you change the Element to Shock.

Just Use narodji in your main. And make ur hireling a damager one :+1:


Ty all for the info

I agree @ZARAKI . That’s what I do. Stand behind my tank with skullshield a blazing

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Basically a farming character puts so much affixes geared towards finding stuff that they are less capable of killing high level enemies. So the hireling must be the fatal bullet

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