I'm back!

Hey all! As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been active for quite a while. This is gonna change from now on! I’m happy to be back again and looking forward to interacting with the community… again. See ya around!

PS: I’ve started from scratch again and still play as Rogue for sure (Eternal Ascension, Level 79).


Heyo Centra welcome back to the forums! :green_heart:

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Thanks! Has been quite a while tbh!
Gonna read through all these new and awesome topics now!

Btw, love your “road to eternal” vids on YT. Keep them coming sir! :wink:

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When you’re done trying to read all the new threads

:stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart:

And thanks! I definitely will be currently sick atm and sound awful but once I have recovered I have all of the base gear I wanted prepped }:3 and then I have a few more series I wanna start afterwards as well! :smile:


welcome back @CentraBPM :smile:

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What exactly are MODS? :joy::joy: WHAT DO U GUYS REALLY DO? HAHAH just curious hahah

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We do our best to make the forum experience as good of a one as possible so most of what we do is simply be good community members and occasionally we have to address issues when they pop up :smile:


They also make cool new builds & share them w community. :+1:



Ow hajaha

We also post lots of memes

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I see hahaha

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Dude just battled u in the arena… Ur friggin strong man! That wizard is sick! Hahaah the only reason y i cant get more than 1100+ points damn hahha

That’s probably not me unfortunately last time I played I used my rogue and all of my characters AI are off my name is just Griffin in arena :smile: Unless your referring to centra then that’s definitely possible =P

It was a while back now i havent been to arena because im farming hahaha… Worth it cuz i got 2 nadrojis haha… Any idea on how should i make then more useful?

if necklace/ring:
Use them in any and all builds for the +2 all sets

if chest/hat:
use them for increased enemy rarity it’s a super awesome boost :smile:

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Awesome! Ill try that!

I wish you luck! and may rngesus ever be in your favor :pray: :smile:

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Hahaha thanks!