I'm beginning to think that this game is extremely watered down all for the sake of PROFIT


well, I got 4 obsidian from mythic monster drops (my first 4) and I have only ever had 5 ruby’s, 2 from converting the set crystals (don’t need those yet). my luck and item drops are still low, but only time and maybe a lot of gold will get me what I want in the end. sorry for slow response.


You must use High Luck and High Gold Find gears. You dont need to have perfect roll gears, high dmg gears if you are focusing on farming. You just need

Plagued or Frozen


Again… I will reiterate one last time…

Item drops…

Raise it… much higher. And make your maps packsize. Good luck


More Ascend? When was the last time YOU ascended? I already have 300% Crystal find, and just getting BACK to lvl 99. Let me tell YOU is an absolute B.I.T.C.H. with the current game mechanics.


I ascended 6 times… I’ve only played for bout a month. But that’s just me…packsize ftw


I took 1 week to reach my 5th ascend


Lol, yer talking greek. Crystalline below floor 350? You really ARE an old timer. To not know the diff.


Max ascend what I mean. The Green Color that encircles your Character Icon.
This game is not hard to understand… I guess you only have hard time to understand it. Patience is the key.

Don’t quit you still have long long journey to face. :blush:


Well… there’s tonnes of advice here. Take it or leave it


Bullshit… 6 times in one month? I’ve seen you here longer than that!


Yup a month or so and yup 6 times

But believe what you must. Your aggressive dismissive says it all. Ta ta


This game is very easy nowadays you know. You dont need to farm gears. You just need to CRAFT it.

If you dont want to craft go to specific Map Levels so you can have the gears that you want and go back to low floors maps when you already maxed your Luck and Gold Find.


working on third perk, going to get treasured. I’m not in a hurry, but still working on putting quest stones on my ascending equipment to speed things up.


Lady, or whom ever you serve. You can’t craft if you ain’t got the crystals to do so!


Oh my bad… guess I’m going on 2 months… still.

You are aggressive dismissive and juvenile. I take my leave. Gl


You’re a very arrogant noob. Why instead of complaining about things don’t you ask politely how to do things? We have many experienced players and even devs on this forum who are here every day answering questions made by players. Going full enraged won’t help you because it is obvious YOU are wrong here.


What do you know… another badge. Lol :slight_smile:


The arrogance that I see is from a mindset that continues to seek profit over playability. And a lot of rank-n-file wanna-bes.


I think the fact he ascended 6 times in 2 months shows a great liking/love of DQ. I know you really like DQ too, as I really like your Wildwood_Rose & May Hemm story lines and posts.


To wildwood rose.

Also wow @Wildwood_Rose sure sounds negative . Is it really that hard to just look at those farm stats and say hey, I will max them out in hopes of getting more rubies , get the appropriate Ascensions and spend a little time.

Even me just playing 1 hour a day, I get a full build after 1 or 2 weeks. That’s in the optimal farming conditions too and a farm build isn’t that hard to make. Not unless you like being expensive.

Seems like you’re lazy wildwood . Time is not an excuse seeing as how I can do well even with reasonable time limits. I did have a fast floor farm build for under 5 minutes. Is it really that hard to just take the time to understand the basics of the game ? Don’t make the pay to win excuse and just take the advice to get better at farming and see how well you do then.

Also paying money DOES NOT Increase chances of crystal drops! Sure you can get tons of gold but actually understanding the game is more powerful than paying cash. Yes hirlings do cost 0.99$ but you can make a really good farm build even with 0$ spent (I have even made beastly farm build without hirlings and made some good crystal gains even if it’s harder) .

DQ is FAR from p2w . Yes the paid features do make it easier but it’s not a big cost and they aren’t truly needed to win at all.

Rubies you can get fairly easy from high floor. Get maximum item drops , an easy difficulty where you can defeat enemies relatively well at up to floor 500 , convert Eternals or normal legends providing the hold you have , crystalline set affix to increase crystal rarity to coincide with item drops, grind you character to level 100 after choosing an ascension perk such as Treasured (increases chances of Eternals by 300% and the Eternals you convert have a high chance of a ruby drop and over 300% is a high chance for legends to be Eternals) , choosing fortunate perk for more luck and gold find for the legends drops and gold.

Also by converting and salvaging tons of crystals of the lower end that you easily get and completing crystal feat 500/500 or 375/375 if you got accomplished ascension perk. That can get you many higher end crystals and a chance of ruby.

Also if you found an eternal, crafting with dust and converting Eternals for days is an easy way to get bank on the high end crystals. Dust is relatively easy with maxed out item drops and luck since legends at floor 200 drop like crazy and fill inventory fast so you salvage for dust.

If you don’t understand the game or are frustrated, instead of calling it pay to win, just ask for some help and take the tips people give. The pay to win excuse is outright lazy as this game is far away from pay to win.

If you think DQ is pay to win, play games that literally cannot be finished without taking 10 years or paying 10k$ in one year. A good example is clash of clans , clash royale , boom beach and pretty much 99% of all mobile games in the market it seems. It’s only now that more games are less pay to win and more free to play but you pay as a bonus , however you can just as easily win for free and 0$ spent.

I played pay to win and man, pay to win is so time consuming unless you spend money to the point where it’s just not worth it. They are also much more addictive. Ok boom beach may not be all that pay to win but the amount of time spent is still high.

In pay to win, you either pay or spend years and years on the game which may eventually become stale but also have a huge disadvantage that prevents you from progressing unless you pay an absurd amount of money or you cannot even do anything without paying.

If you really don’t like this game, we not forcing you to play. You are free to choose other choices and other means but it’s all up to you. I don’t like the negative mindset to things you have tbh but I at the same time hope you enjoy something. If you don’t enjoy something, what’s the point right?