I'm being showered!

Found 2 obsidians and a ruby today farming!! Shame it wasn’t eternal nadjori robe :sob:

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Its still good loot dude

I obtained a crystal Chapeau, Nadroji Robe, Vacuus Scipio, and two eternals of some sort yesterday. :wink:

Only got 2 nadroji ring in 5day farming

I never get Nadroji jewelry. Only ever gotten three.

Wait – so you never get Nadroji jewelry or you’ve gotten three of them? Which is it? :wink:

Three in one day months ago. And I need more. Technically I do get them. But in two months? Haven’t seen one.

what room o got vacuus scipio? i’m looking for that for weeks

2 and 192.

hum… got it, thanks for share bro, hug

I got an eternal nadroji robe and ring and one time got 4 amethyst and 2 obsidians from one day of farming but that just lucky and I farm fast anyways.