I'm confused as to what's on some of the maps before you open it

Like skyfall,HP leech,enemy leech ect. Bolt speed.

Skyfall -> evil. Meteors fall from the sky constantly.
HP Leech Nerf -> HP on hit (leech) less effective.
Enemy Leech -> Enemies drain HP on hit.
Bolt Speed -> Projectiles move faster.
Any more? :smile:
Also, if you ever have any more questions, this thread is dedicated to forum/game questions:


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skyfall, tnt props and enemy immune. the most evil map affixes of all especially when the carto decides to be untargetable


Skyfall can be somewhat canceled out by rushing the cartographer. When he dies, the skyfall stops. But if you die after that it’ll start again, so be careful!

If you buy the map you can see where he’ll be, just rush there first and then clear the map.

I’ll hit the shrine if it’s a good buff and I see it on the way, but otherwise thats how I approach skyfall maps.


Why does the carto sometimes become untargetable? I thought it was a bug and submitted a ticket when I first started playing about it.

Also, is the real money map reveal permanent or time duration like the boosts?

The real money map reveal is permanent and TOTALLY worth it. :wink:

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IMO, it’s merely a luxury item. It just takes 2 seconds tops to press Shop, Reveal, and back. There are other stuff ppl can buy first which greatly improves your game management, like slots or premium stashes.

I agree that the stash tabs are a must. I actually commented about it in a different thread. However, what’s the point in having more than 3 characters? I enjoyed leveling all 3 classes but it seems overkill to have multiple of the same class; especially if you are planning to ascend them for perks.

E-e. 5 mill for ascend… For that amount of gold I hope its permanent.I’ve decided to go on a gold run starting with the act 1s first completly skipping all of the second acts(its those maldum spawns I hate) on myth 3. At 50k per map if u die beyond floor 201 and at 25k(not realy bad) per respawn after u use ur three free respawns,yea I need the gold lol. And yea,the skyfall and enemy buffs are BRUTAL. I like the legend maps though.

Also skyfall can be countered if your moving faster than theyre spawning, thats why i love my build. Simple builds that do this are: sprint+wraith+bleed/ED, aftermath, blinkstrike, any build that doesnt need to stop and uses some form of movement speed

Only char I have is my rogue.lvl 94. I find it ironic(if that’s the right word for it) that it gets harder to lvl after 78. Skyfall is deadly when trying to kill the cartographer,specially since my arrows won’t guidshot on it and I have to manually stop and guide them. Cataclysm helps majorly though. I’d show my equip s but don’t know how to or what app I can use to take as screenshot.

The skyfall didn’t stop after I killed the cartographer,made me waste 20k in respawns trying to rush and get my loot-_-. That was on very easy on floor 209. Bought ten maps and sold anyone’s with skyfall and potion nerfs.

Skyfall stops once the cartographer is dead, but if you die once he is dead then skyfall starts again.

I didn’t die after he died. I died while fighting him,but not after.

If you’re dead when he dies, it doesn’t stop.

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Oh OK thanks.