I'm having trouble farming 351 ep8

try this build. u realy need a lot of modification and changes to do
hope this gives u hints on makong bow build

See I’m having trouble even farming for gems and mythstones. I can’t get to floor 500 to farm them. Even on floor 351 EP 1 I’m geting my butt kicked. I just can’t seem to progress up any further. It’s so aggravating. Now my bow build isn’t even geting to 1 mil it’s stuck around 790k a second. On an off note why is a single shot pistol so much better then a 5 shot. They just spread EVERYwere and never hit while a 1 round pistol is all PEW PEW PEW IMA ZONE IN ON YOU AND KILL YOU DEAD. I feel they should shrink the spread of ricoctio (sorry im spelling that wrong) and leave that to the scatter shot skill. And on a second side note BALISTA should at least work for the bow. A BALISTA is a giant crossBOW afterall. Ok sorry for that off topic rant. Please help me out because your bow build is great but I can’t get any of the things to even make a version of it.

did u ascend yet? if u got farming perks stay at floor 200 farm der crystal/eternalized item then convert them in to crystal so u can build a set. ballista does work on bow. if u got hunter ring or hunter perk farm all epic enemy by opening the well and shrines dont bother killing mobs just repeat2x it many time ull have tons of crystal and eternal items to convert… use eternalize gun and crystaline hat and nadjori affix on farming will help you farm more. get fortunate/treasured/dealer perk

I’m not quite sure about accending. Is there a way to keep anything. Can I just move my important items to my stash or are all items lost in the ascending?

after ascending all ur items equip will be put in ir inventory u will not lose any items. also ur hero lvl wont back to 1. only thing u lose is lvl u will lvl 1 again and ur stat will be back to lvl 1 too. and u can ascend 6 times the more u ascend the more xp needed for you to lvl. but u will gain permanent buff. depends on what perk u choose upon ascending if u want to get them all u need to ascend 6 times and everytime u ascend the color in ur border char icon will change yellow/orange/blue/red/violet/green

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Ok so all my items will be safe. Now I just have to figure how to get 5 mil. In what order should I get perks? I want a good set as soon as possible. Ps I play 5-9 hours a day so it shouldn’t take too long. Lol perk of my job being to help my disabled mother. Lots of down time lol

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once u get dealer perk 5mil is a piece of cake haha. just farm gold on floor 200 try to max goldfind too. btw everytime u ascend the price inc by 5m

ex 1st ascend -5m 2nd-10m 3rd - 15m and so on

So what order should I get the perks?

mostly peole go fortunate then dealer or treasured. depends on what u prefer

No it doesn’t.

lel ok tnx for correcting me … cuz i think long ago i post a question bout it and some veteran said it works on bow.


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I’m haveing trouble leveling up now lol.

use quest mythstone in all ur gears if u have. then fo to floor 101 farm xp der. (u can also buy packsize map) max ur strength and intelligence in hero point make u bit tanky

All my gear is lvl 100. So how do I enchant what I can’t wear ?

what u mean enchant?

There was a bug that allowed the Knockback to work with bows but that’s it.

Enchant=use mythstones. Am i to build a low lvl exp gear to help me get to lvl 50? And if so how?

find low lvl slotted gears farm in floor 25+ then put quest and flight mythstones having ms makes the clearing faster

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