I'm on a leave of absence for a while

Sorry guys I know I haven’t been active this week but I thought I would at least let you guys know why… so here is my scrappy excuse…
I’m on vacation in Florida. Came to visit family for the holidays. Can’t complain considering it is 30-40 degrees fereinheight warmer… but I still feel like I’m letting you guys down. Anyhow I will be active again before you all know it. Merry Christmas, and drunken, stoned out of your minds New Year.

Disclaimer: I do not condone illegal activity, nor in any way take part of it… except pot… yes… that beautiful green tree with those amazing flowers and perfect hairs that is just totally amazing… oh yeah, I love that stuff… but drugs are bad mmkayyy.

Haha! No worries man have a great holiday vacation!! We appreciate all the help we can get, but everyone needs some holiday merriment!!

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