I''m stucken at 265

So I’m at wave 265 right now and i started to instantly die on everything… i’m running orb wizard with mana shield and a whirlwind warrior… anyone suggestions on wat i should do to progress further ?

manasheild cant trasfer damage from skyfall, TNT and elemental damage from crate to your mp pool… those damage will directly hit your hp pool. manasheild user normally have a very low hp-very high Mp. that why at early floor those damage from what i mention can just OHKO your wiz

So what you suggest i change? Swap mana shield out ?

it depand on u. well if it me. i will make my wiz tanky af and the damage depand on element DoT

So bleed dmg proc ? And full HP ?

Wiz not good with bleed. element damage DoT. AoE effect. Plagued+Druidic =GreenGarden lol.

Alright i’ll try to make that kind of setup. Too bad ill lose my eternalized and nadorji rarity finder ratings :frowning:

Nah just cant progress… Keep on dying especially if the Catrographer bugs out Q_Q

lol there is no way u die at floor 2++ with greengarden build beside even untargetable carto dead when he step on poison cloud. greengarden build hit billion damage tho it can insta kill carto at that floor

I can’t possibly copy your build though… some of the items don’t even drop at these waves.

I have , plagued (1) cosmic empower (2) druidic (1) equality (1)

wait, what DQ version u play now.?

Assuming the latest?? v2.0

where the mythicstone Dev give.? i mean those elixer.? u can use to increase your Set Number count.

I’m sorry wat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Elixer MS if u put it on your accessories it will add +2 set number. u need put in both ring and necklace to have +4 set number.

I never found that MS…

Dev give us full set of MS already u should have atleast 2 of each MS by now.

i don’t though xD

Buy a new map with less enemy affix. Should be easier :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you can go back to floor 101-200 and farm for crystals, mythstones, legends, and gold.
The +2 set affix is really a game changer and doing higher floors. ^^