Immortal Blood Knight support


Atm Im on lvl 136 with 15k hp and 17k axe dmg warrior.

Dunno is this “glitch” or “wombo combo” known but I wanna QQ some about my warrior. Im playing this game on ep5 since beggining and Ive to say that “ITS TOO EASY”. After lvl 130 dungeon its getting borring because seal champs (portal ones) are 100% harder than act bosses.

How I did that?

  1. Blood knight Skull of Ignis (Brutality 19 = 28.5% bleed chance for ea attack). Mana equals LIFE. Thats must. Now the glitch
  2. Item with FRENZY affix (Ive on amulet +19) - it gives you +19% ias for each bleeding enemy
    4 [optional]) Horn (for sprint) - for speed farming

You can mix this with WRATH (%dmg&crit dot dmg for each dot effected enemy) for more power.

How glitch is working:

Enter new level of dungeon. Gather as many mobs as possible. Use whirlwind from axe and watch the magic show:)


Hmmm, interesting. I will check it out today. As far as how/why it works that way I will leave that to Steiger to comment on.

Thanks for the post, I will get this checked out!

Nice find :smile:

We’ll be looking at getting Frenzy under control. Also, we’re adding 3 more enemy power levels next patch so hopefully even players who find great combos like this will still be challenged.

We’ll also be addressing the difficulty of bosses, they aren’t scaling well at the moment for the later difficulties.

Another bugs/glitches found…

*) ~2h to finish this game (from lvl136 to 200) using 1k reveal maps and sprint…
*) after you kill dungeon lvl 201 boss all you are giving to us (players) is “do you want to exit to main menu” - kinda dissapointed
*) exp glitches on last act4 - killing seal champs/boss gives you ~2lv
*) thers VERY fast & easy way to grind champ points (ladder rank) - all you have to do is kill act4 boss on lvl 201 dungeon, enter seal, say “cancel” to “do you want bla bla bla”, enter portal once more and enjoy boss fight AGAIN. It takes ~10s for me to kill him on ep1, 40s on ep5.
*) ep5 is borring - drop isnt so good compared to wasted time (600% monster lifes). I was playing ep5 since lvl 1. Yesterday I tried ep1 and must say that drops were same or even better. EP1 is also better for farming gold on later dungeon lvls - monsters pop up like ballons and leave lot of stuff on ground.


All noted, thank you for the feedback! This is very useful for us.