Immortal Hybrid and Olympian

I do not want to gather this much attention to myself but it it is inevitable, sadly. People will keep looking at the builds of the top three in the podium and will relay to each other until someone is able to decipher it.

More and more people have been asking me for the hybrid warrior, but I will not share the craft and I will only occassionally test it. What is bad is I have already seen people correctly guess and copy some of the affixes.

I have given tips but I think it is unfair that only few will benefit from it so I will just share them here:

Immortal Warrior Hybrid.

  1. Build Immortal Warrior using the guide of Mr_Scooty

  2. Get an Insolence Hatchet. You will need this for ranged attack against storm campers.

  3. Use Eternal Bloodless Trophy. This will give you advantage vs. Other Immortals.

  4. Your OH Special should be scalp or skulldraga


Olympian Tips:

Maximize Glasscannon to 90%
( 5 x 50% Glasscannon affixes is 5 x 18% in Battle Arena)

Get items with 36% Push the Limit Legend Affix
18% Barbarian and 18% Push the Limit

Use Timewarp + Discordance Mythic.

Those are the basics. The rest is up to you to discover.

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Thanks tip: for the hybrid immortal. @NUIQUE

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Nice @Nunique. The Olympian sounds a real glass cannon :open_mouth:


You can actually get 100% push the limit in the battle arena but I prefer you don’t.


Lol glass cannon minions all zombies . That would be funny. Lots of summoners in arena now :grinning: :joy: :disappointed_relieved: :roll_eyes: What have I done :open_mouth:

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Watch out for arcane minions. But be assured @NUIQUE after 2 years of crafting builds I really cannot be bothered anymore. I’ve done my bit. Let the new players get all the fun.


faun’s gfts affix what do you think it is a good for an immort?

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Faun’s gift is good with immortal if you have high amounts of all resist affixes coupled with a decent amount of luck affixes.


How’s the climb back to top?

@NUIQUE the only tweak I will make to my builds is to remove extra attack and replace them with epic ricochet or barrage etc.

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Good choice I guess.

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I will give it a go X And it’s a cheap option.

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As for warrior … epic points into scalp maybe.

I am not sure if epic 3 scalp will have a lot of noticeable benefits. Test it maybe?

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Maybe. Hmmm bleed damage and extra hit frequency :face_with_monocle:

better than Scalp without any Skill Points.

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Yeah I’m thinking that also. My warrior is an immortal. He has to damage someway. I’m going for scalp for the bonuses. A tank that truly hurts. He uses battle mage for defence but skills are knights charge etc. I’m going for off hand skill points. SCALP :heart_eyes:

But hit frequency has captured my imagination :joy: