Immune affix

what are the name of weapons/armor that have immune affix on it?

There are no such things such as Immunity in this current patch, unlike before you can get an affix with “Immune” via Ruby or get them on specific items (for ex. Frost Raven Ring which has Frozen Immune) in this patch they were changed into “Resist %” with a cap of 100% and that is equal to immunity (Stun Resist %, Blind Resist %, Frozen Resist, Fear Resist %, etc.) for items that has Resist% see codex.

aw i see thank you so much

ah man! i dont know what your talking about Funny me.

i am jusr curious bcuz on this post i saw an immune affix lol.

That’s an outdated build, prolly, 2.1. that’s the patch where Immune affixes are still present.

Immune affixes where switched over to % resistances for PvP balance reasons you may still obtain an immunity by getting 100% resist in PvE although that doesn’t help you much when it comes to that build sorry :slight_smile:

is there a new wiki where can i see the latest affixes, legendex, dictionary, mythics, etc?