Imp bug

i’m not certain but it’s been happening recently to me that my imp doesn’t get the item dropped even if the item fits the ‘below your preferred pickup threshold’ and more importantly the item is IN FRONT of the imp. i’ve waited 5 minutes but the imp still isn’t picking it up so i have to manually change the threshold to pick it up myself then reset the threshold. it’s a bit hard coz i got my eternal set from the imp conversions

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. Do you remember what kind of item it was? How many times did this happen to you so far?

I had a double imp setup. An I had my pickup set for rare+ an instead of the picking them up since my pickup radius is decent I would pick up but they wouldn’t be in my inventory. It worked well in the begnning but then that started to happen.

i set my pickup to be legend+ and it’s happened a lot lately. if i remember correctly, it started during 1.9 or something, the patch before 2.0, but it’s happening more frequently in 2.0. I’m taking on challenge maps and the ignis floor(200 and boss). The items are of all rarities, sometimes there would even be 2 items of random rarity that the imp won’t pick up in a single map. the imp i’m using is a lvl 100 bane

Is your pet is ignoring items that are in the boundaries of walls (or whatever limit the map)?
If so, it happens to me too, but there is a trick.
You stay near the wall (and very near the item), and wait for your pet to go “inside” (he moves randomly so it can take 1 minute sometimes) then he will pick it up.

Could you upload a screenshot of it, if it happens again?

No that isn’t the issue at all. But good tip if it does. An Rafia that u will soon as I got a lol more time today. I hope it don’t happen again.but if it does I’ll post

no, it’s a bit far from the bounds/walls.

here are the screenshots of my imp, my settings and an ‘incident’

but it does happen sometimes although i do the same thing as you do, but the ones i’m worried about are the ones that really cant get picked up even after several minnutes