Improve maps?

‘Ello…I was wondering if there was a way to improve the attributes on maps?

You can use the larimar crystal on maps to change the affixes on it, and you can use diamonds to change the value of those affixes if thats what you’re asking?

For example you can reroll the affixes to obtain pack size with larimar, then use diamonds to get the pack size value to 100-150%… more enemies = more loot


This…thank you. I didn’t realize you can use the crystals on a map…thank you

Normal, Magic, Rare, & Epic Maps are affected by Larimar & Diamond.

Legend Maps are only affected by Diamonds.

Eternal Maps are not affected by Larimar or Diamond.

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Atrributes as in the map element, that is random. Like having different colour versions of maps such as volcano in arcane colour, green ice map, white lava.
I remember an old legend map with a fire element icon which implied what map it’s going to be.

If meaning attributes as in affixes, that can be changed as mentioned by Larimar & Diamond. The Map cartographer chest luck above and item quality is random but it tends to be 1000% on Epic maps.
Item quality is between -7% and +7% for Rerolls.

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another thing I thought of, take a look in the Codex > Dictionary > Map Affix & Enemy Affix. you will see a list of Affixes and their definition for both.

Item Quantity, Luck, Gold Find, Crystal Rarity, Mythstone Rarity, & Golden Chest Map Affixes are only found on Legend & Eternal Maps. all of the other Map Affixes are found on Normal, Magic, Rare, & Epic Maps.

using Larimar, you can choose Map Affixes that are easier for you to deal with, or that are best for what you want. some Map Affixes are helpful with gaining more experience or loot.

most Enemy Affixes make monsters stronger, either on offence or defense. 2 of them help with loot. one gives double experience from that monster, and the other triples the loot dropped from that monster.

some Map & Enemy Affix combinations can make for a very difficult enemy to defeat, or even a lot of deaths for you on some very difficult maps!

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