Improve this build of my wizard

Sorry for the lack of picture since i don’t know to make screenshot on iphone but here are the text for the build i make for my wizard. I want to ask you guy to show me how to improve this build.

%50 DMG (socket)
100% Blight
5000 Weapon DMG+
5000 Poison DMG+

40.1& Attack SPD
30% Elemental Critical
5000 Weapon DMG+
5000 Poison DMG+

100% Blight
Ignore Resist
5000 Poison DMG+

Blood Magic
42.5% Critical Chance
15% Move Speed
94.8$ Stun Resist
5000 Poison DMG+
10 Skulldraga

64.5% Total MP
+2 All Set
+2 Set Numbers
+3 All Talens
5000 Poison DMG+

Druid Bonus
+30% Dodgde
100% Blight
5000 Poison DMG+

Note: 10 Skulldraga on head gear is to level the Scalp skill that i use on my skull and i use all my character point on damage.

i dont know much about green garden build, but it seems this is somewhat similiar? i notice theres no ED%

Yeah. ED% is a huge part of almost any build and can really increase DMG by a huge factor. 300% ED is like the sweet spot but as many as you feel works.

It’s because ED% buffs your BWD and 300% ED is (1+300%) or ×4 your BWD after 200% WD and power 99 or so.

if you are a wizard, the points in Skulldraga will not help Scalp. I have heard that if you put +10 Scalp on your pet, that will work. also the +5 to all skills from the Elixir Myth stone (you can put in 2 for +10).
if someone could verify any part of this for me, that would be very helpful.

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That’s correct :thumbsup: .

You should have Momentum Set Affix if you are using Adventure Set Affix.

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Momentum + adventurer. If you had 100% move speed, that would be 50% DMG from momentum and 37.5% DMG from Adventurer. Adventurer also gives you move speed to help you reach closer to 100% move speed.

Other ways to increase move speed is skills like Knightscharge, Shieldwall, sprint. Also legend affixes and synergy mythic with Minions or Draught Mythic.

Change the robe talent to Focus it will give you + 50% weapon DMG and make sure that quality is at 25%.

Sorcery is a better robe talent if it comes to dot like Poison since it increase the dot DMG by 100% at 20 or 200% at 40. Focus is a good talent though. Same with fire. Well it’s more powerful for poison when it comes to powerful poison builds.

Also including Amplify wizard talent on hat too.

Replace ignore resist with weaken, even 30% will be better… preferably a crystal one for 90% your poison dmg+5000 only increases your daamage by around 60k each (ish) maybe consider empyrean instead of sanctuary, if your survivability is decent and you play around danger youll be fine without it instead of all talents/skills, probably focus them more for extra damage/effect you dont need stun resist unless your in pvp, slow resist is much better for pve…
Why demonic? Amgelic probably better for damage and attack rate?

Never mind i take that back, obi reminded me on weaken
… ignore resist would be better but if you can get a crystal weaken for around 90% then that would be better but 30% isnt enough

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