In game purchases

I bought the big cash boost over a year ago and it’s still not spent


you aren’t doing enough Crafting. I had almost 600 million gold about a year ago, and then started Crafting like crazy on 2 Wizard builds at the same time, while Ascending my Rogue & Warrior at the same time, while buying the Crystals & Myth Stones in the Shop at the same time…

so now I have less than 10 million Gold and no Ultra Rare Crystals while Crafting my Golems Ultimate Farm Build. I have been trying to get Cosmic Power for 2-3 weeks when ever I get an Amethyst, one Amethyst at a time. just got Reactor for the third time. and I still need to get Rage Set and an Obsidian to max out my Crystal Crit Damage to +225%.


Lol I admit I’ve not done anything for a year.

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Simplest way to get rare crystals is to convert eternal items. Expensive.


haha, I have just re-Crafted my Farm Build, am tweaking it, and the Farm Build isn’t keeping up with my tweaking. :sob: even Converting to Crystals, I don’t have enough gold :sob: x 10. hopefully, when done tweaking, I’ll share it.