In need of build help

I am returning to the game and hard to find videos on build advice anymore simce this is apparently also a roblox thing, anyway this is my current build that can take care of fairly strong enemies but its to weak to survive many hits. I mainly just dash cloud everything and it hits up to 400m if i get a good group of people poisoned but i die if they have thorns or tnt props or hit by anything basically XD i can only post 1 ss apparently so im hoping i can comment some

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You use manasheild I guess

It would help to post pictures of your items, do you have +4 in all sets? I noticed that you have a lot of investment in elemental crit damage and elemetal crit rate, any reason why attack speed crit dmg and crit rate are all very low? Do you have any instances of glasscannon or push the limit?

The two easiest damage multipliers to get at lower levels of the game are adventurer and momentum.

you can’t die from Thorns, but you can die if you hit multiple enemies that all have Thorns. the right amount of Healing can keep you from dying from Thorns.

get at least +60% Dodge, +45% Block on your OH Weapon if you have room, and Sanctuary if you think you really need it on your Necklace. or more movement speed or Teleport/Shatter to get out of the way of attacks. even if you are using a Manashield as strong as Captain Americas Shield, it will eventually get one shot to death at a high enough floor. look at what Thanos did to Cap’s Shield, he tore it up really bad.

also, what kind of Build is it? Climbing Floors, Farming for Loot, Ascending for Perks?

Dungeon Quest is not the same as Dungeon Quest Roblox.

welcome back to DQ @Im_helpless .

Pity you can’t get thorns on minions :sob:! Hold on :flushed: minions are also monsters :exploding_head:

do you think that if your Character had Reflect DMG, your Minions would have RD also? that would be a way to give them Thorns…maybe.

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I thought of that but reflect damage is crap but could stack on minions if you maxed block and dodge and a certain mythword that applies reflect also to block and dodge. But even then is the damage of use. Something for someone else to test. :sunglasses:

(whisper) Redirect.

I have come to the realization that if you want a Reflect DMG Build, you need Electrified (8) as a foundation for the Build with 6x Reflect DMG, with enough Block & Dodge to make Redirect a terrible weapon. I still have the Build idea percolating in my brain, because I only have 3 spaces left for other Set Affixes.

also, all 3 Classes have their own ways of boosting Reflect DMG even more, if you choose to use them.

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Wow that’s a lot of electrified :astonished:.

I have a crazy idea for you.

6x RD is +1500% MH DMG to the enemy that hits you.

Electrified (8) is +400% RD in a 25 yard radius every time you get hit. even if you only get hit by one monster, all monsters within 25 yards take Reflect DMG.

Redirect Mythic is +100% RD if you Dodge or Block an attack. this is great because you don’t have to get hit to Reflect DMG. this also works with Electrified.

Electrified gives Reflect DMG a type of Attack Frequency. if you get hit 3 times at once (like from a mob), all monster within 25 yards get hit by Reflect DMG 3 times. this also applies to Redirect with Electrified. if you Dodge/Block 3 attacks at once, all monster within 25 yards get Reflect DMG 3 times.

Mirrored Mythic increases Reflect DMG by your Block %.

and all 3 Classes have 1 or more Skills or Talents that boost the DMG of Reflect DMG.

but I don’t know if this is the kind of help @Im_helpless is looking for.

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How about an electrified rogue using apocalypse and maxed mirror images chances , a chakram and swap as off hand skill. You will need jester in there someway.

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haha, you never know until you test.

I have made 2 or 3 Reflect DMG Builds, and I always see that they are underpowered. RD needs to be a really focused Build to work at all to it’s full potential. I have put my RD Crafting plans on hold until I get a little better at Crafting and come up with some good solutions to making it work.

the biggest downside to using Reflect DMG is that RD doesn’t cause Elemental Crits. but it does do good with Crit Chance, Crit DMG, Deadly Strike, & Brutal. and I think Crushing Blow works with it too. and Weaken. I have a test I want to do with Weaken, Ascendant & Arcanist, and Reflect DMG. to see if they work together.

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Ha ! Reflect damage is a bit like summons. Don’t rely on either. Make a power full build and make it a bonus. The more rounds you survive the more damage you do. I’d go one electrified set item to get it to 5 with elixirs. I’m testing nothing I’m retired pal. The only thing I’m going to do is remove all extra attacks from characters and replace them with epic offensive skills as @NUIQUE suggests. And if I don’t like it I will swap it back.

How about this idea? Reflect damage does not have element critical unless your opponent has the same element as your main. Go test. Hold on. If your both the same element based then your reflect damage will be crap because your both resistant. Hmmmm

So logically reflect damage is powerful against an opponent’s elemental weakness. Another mythic springs to mind. :exploding_head:

Reflect DMG doesn’t Elemental Crit, and it also isn’t affected by Prismatic, if I remember correctly. Effective Mythic might work with it. also, the Element of RD is Arcane, so no monsters are Resistant to it, unless they have Greatly Resist or Immune to Arcane Element. because Ascendant & Arcanist need Weaken to work, and Weaken works with RD, I wonder if they work together. haven’t tested it yet, but it is on my to do list.

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Your to do list is soooooo very loooong ! Lol

:page_with_curl: x :page_facing_up: x :scroll: = :dizzy_face:

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