Incoming Transmission

there must be something awesome going to happen :laughing:

Hmm…still can’t figure it out what it is. Some more clue please :smiley:

Are you guys not getting the subliminal messages ? :wink:
I been waiting for this for a long time, I can’t wait :mrgreen:

I don’t know, is ShinyBox updating there logo? :wink:

Dungeon Quest 2 maybe?

maybe itis this superb trade system ?? [emoji14]

Oups I didn’t see they had really changed it :astonished: (just went playing after i posted the message)

Woah, who is this Golex guy?


I’m so confused.


Yeah who is he :laughing:

Oh my ! I forgot all about that, had to find the song soon as I read that :wink:
All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Original):

A conspiracy? Or just some secrets? hehe :smile:

Call Mulder and Scully :wink:

Call Mulder and Scully :wink:[/quote]
Insert " theme song " hear [emoji14]

Call Mulder and Scully :wink:[/quote]
Insert " theme song " hear [emoji14][/quote]

Pfffft YouTube says video is unavailable :frowning: tune is by Mark Snow though :wink:

I imagine you know exactly who he is considering you named a Legend after him AND He’s a Global Moderator here.

Doesn’t golex work in HR? Oh wait, that’s Tiffany. I get them confused…