Inconsistent dmg numbers

Does damage vary on floors, or ep? I have like 3m damage when power shrine isnt active and 7m when activated

But sometimes my damage falls to 1.7m / 3m

yes it does at some floors especially on challenge maps… your status also affect your damage… ex: you have a “momentum” as a set and your damage is 10k(example) then u activated the “sprint” skill which increases your movement, now your damge is now 30k(example)… ahhh thats all i can help :slight_smile:

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Yes it does especially on maps.

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Crushing Blow give more damage at higher floor cuz damage depend on enemy’s HP.
There r some Set Affix increase damage under condition : Adventure(5) give 37,5% dmg & MS up when collect gold, Momentum dmg up with MS -> huge differ in dmg :smile:

I am considering the crushing blow, i cant even touch the enemies at floor 700 :joy:

Which class and Set Affix u use ? I use Rogue Chakram and slice mobs like butter at fl 525, set Legend only :blush:


My current sets are, crystalline(eternal), momentum, fauns gifts, adventurer(eternal), equality, cerebral vortex.

Doesn’t make any sense, i just settle at 700(epic)
I walk through mobs like a very sharp knife, but when they hit me, i die. Lol

My pet is pathfinder

Get maximum Dodge or Block plus manashield, try moving zic-zac, u may not be OHKO very often :smile:
U play Epic difficulty ? Y not M3 ?

No crushing blow, damage is only 40m

Lmao, changed my ring into electrocution from equality… slices through enemies on floor 700, 1 hit :joy::joy:

Add Crushing Blow & Crushing Flame Set :smile: