Inconvenient bug - equipping Hunter ring glitch

Sometimes when I equip my Hunter ring before activating a shrine the shrine suddenly becomes unusable. At this point I don’t get a chance to activate it for the buff or the epic spawns.

I am not sure what is causing this, but if I am out of activate range when I equip the ring the glitch seems to not happen.

It is not a bug. It’s your hireling. If you are too close to the shrine, he will activate it.

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It’s definitely a bug. I never tapped the activate button. I just opened my inventory and equipped my ring. And if hirelings are programmed to activate shrines without you tapping activate, that is also a bug.

Thanks for reminding me of this bug. Will add it to the list.

Yeah it happens. I can confirm that it happens as well even without hireling ( I don’t have 1). The light of the shine goes dim and it does not look like it deactivated. I just couldn’t pinpoint why it happens that why I didn’t make a report. I think it activates while you change inventory when your near it’s activate range. So I think it activates prior changing your hunter ring.


I’m a drag-and-drop ring freak. Mostly when standing beside a shrine, when I dropped my hunter ring to my equip slot, sometimes I will hear the “shrine activate” sound effect while STILL on the inventory screen…

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1 time it activated a powerful monster shrine only with 1 monster even if I haven’t activated it and I was on my inventory changing my item.