Info for me


What does leech do?
Is guideshot build usable?


Leach steals hp and mp from enemy but I don’t know how to do it


You simply hit player’s/monster, and you get mp/hp back, when says on gear 250 mp on hit ou hp, is “leech”, is basicly life steal our mana steal our whatever!


I see. Useless in pvp then ?


Not necessarily, if you have high dmg reduction, high regen, leech will help in your survivability ALOT, if you use triple range reduction shatter/brindtrike proc(25%)/enigma, you will hit the other guy many many times for sure​:smiling_imp:, that way you confirm leech proc, PLUS charge spam to​:sunglasses:, it will be very nasty if you use ice element and timewarp proc(25%) to, some cc and you will be on report cheaters right away​:joy::joy::joy:!, oh oh, dont froget to have a trophy whid slow talent to​:joy::joy::joy:!


So when i have 2% leech, IT Will give me 2% of my dmg in health/mana?


Per hit, yes, dot’s do not count!